wellness offerings

wellness offerings


Bridal Wellness Guides

$ 30


This 20-page wellness guide for brides-to-be was created to give helpful tips on wellness and enjoying the engagement, plus additional space to journal and put thoughts to paper.

Getting engaged is more than planning a wedding; it's a life and relationship transition. Take time to honor yourself and this time in your life - trust us, the engagement goes by way too fast!  

Purchasing the guide also includes access to our closed FB group - aka your place for emotional support during your engagement. 

Topics covered include:

  1. Protect your energy
  2. Create rituals
  3. Stretch for confidence
  4. Practice daily meditation
  5. Find beauty from the inside out. 

Available to order and download immediately to your inbox.

Gifting the guide? Just enter your friend's email when it says "Send as gift" in the checkout page! 



Bridal Meditations

$ 30

Recorded meditations for you, your groom, and your goddess gang.

Coming to you soon, babes.