about us

wedwell is here to empower you and challenge the wedding industry to focus more on self-love, confidence, and compassion


wedwell stands for 

  • Empowerment
  • Equality
  • Body Positivity
  • Self Care
  • Compassion

wedwell is here to empower women to find happiness and success in all forms of relationships by creating an ecosystem of content, events, and connection that encourage every individual to find their own path to love.

wedwell donates 10% profits to CARE.org to bring an end to child marriage.

our services 

our story

Lilia and Olivia have been best friends since they started kissing their crushes and growing boobs (okay buying push up bras- thank goodness they’ve evolved past that trend). They parted ways for college and both separately grew to have a passion for yoga, wellness, and business. When Lilia got engaged this year and Olivia was (obviously) her bridesmaid, Lilia was talking to her about the stresses of planning. The wedding industry places so much pressure on brides and just felt so outdated. Thus, Olivia and Lilia created wedwell. A platform and voice to bring wellness into weddings, and a place to redefine marriage for the modern and independent woman.



Obsessed with the law of attraction, cute pajamas, and cozy blankets.   

Needs eight hours of sleep a night, a chai latte with almond milk, and a daily sweat.

Wants a tree-house home, dinner for breakfast, and a boho chic wedding.

Wellness offerings: yoga teacher, life coach, meditation guide.  




Obsessed with ramen, fall, and colorful leggings.

Needs positive manifestation, a good book, and pasta at least once a week.

Wants a second apartment in Berlin, constant podcast recommendations, and a self-driving car.

Wellness offerings: yoga teacher, Lagree instructor, meditation guide.