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Using Tarot cards we will dive deeper into the world of what could be.
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Location: NYC, Remote

About Zoey

Zoey is a Brooklyn based artist and magickal practitioner. She has been reading Tarot cards for three years, and is inspired by the process of analyzing ancient symbols and making spiritual connections with clients. However, it isn't all "woo woo" - Zoey balances her metaphysical guidance with practical methods to create mental wellness, grounded in psychology. This lover of witchy wellness is a proud Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Leo Rising. When she isn't reading Tarot, Zoey is probably writing music, nannying, painting, or exploring vintage shops in Brooklyn!

Client Testimonials

“I recently requested a Tarot reading from Zoey Michaels. What I got back was three pages of analysis, completely catered to me based on my signs and what Zoey already knows about me. I was blown away and it was affirming, not scary, and completely based in reality and not a woo-woo crunch esoteric thing. I can’t recommend a Tarot sash with Zoey enough. If you are feeling a little directionless, conflicted, or un-seen: take the leap like I did and connect with Z. You will not be disappointed. Her prices are sliding scale and there are different offerings based on what you are looking for. Give this human a follow and message her today. You won’t regret it.” - Haley

“My wonderful friend Zoey does Tarot readings. She puts so much love into all of them and has the most wonderful energy as a human being. If you’re feeling lost and depressed and scared right now like I am, reach out to her. Her prices are sliding scale, and her reading may make you cry and get angry because it’s all the things you know to be true but just needed to be told again by the universe, but it’s so good to get some guidance through the eyes and words of a wonderful person.” -Kim

“I got a virtual tarot reading from Zoey Michaels and I am THRILLED with the results! It really solidified a lot of the things I have been feeling lately and gave me a nudge in the right direction. If you’ve never gotten a tarot reading before, this would be a great place to start. Zoey’s virtual reading was more personal and accurate than many in person readings I’ve had before.” -Miranda