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Focused on helping you ♡ Find balance between health, career, and life and live life more fully ♡ Increase your energy and motivation ♡ Reduce stress and anxiety in your life ♡ Sleep deeply and finally feel well rested ♡ Create a connection with your body ♡ Live more intuitively ♡ Understand and eliminate your food cravings ♡ Find relief from digestive issues and IBS What you can expect: Before your first appointment, you will complete a health history form, highlighting your health goals, and a nutrition questionnaire, so that we can discuss in-depth how I can support you in achieving your goals. After your first appointment, I will ask you to keep a 5-day diet journal that we will review together and then discuss how foods affect your health and how they make you feel. You will then receive a personalized meal plan including recipes and suggestions for meals, snacks, and beverages to help you achieve your health goals. We will continue to meet regularly to work to find the best way to implement diet and lifestyle changes. We can work virtually by video conference or by phone.
Work with me to find healthful foods you enjoy and eat in a way that is nourishing and satisfying. You won't have to rely on takeout any longer! I love coming up with healthy recipe ideas, and I have worked with both organizations and clients to find recipes that fit with their health needs or program requirements. This service starts with an hour-long phone call to understand your health goals and concerns and a review of a 5-day food journal. I will create a five-day meal plan complete with customized recipes and grocery lists. I will also be available to you if you have questions about what to eat at restaurants or out with friends. I want to equip you with the tools to help you make the best food choices to make you feel great and look great for your wedding!
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About Salima

Salima graduated from USC Marshall School of Business with her MBA in 2017. She left the corporate world after 5 years and decided to pursue her passion for health and wellness. She has her holistic nutrition certification from Bauman College, and is committed to helping her clients love how they feel inside, so that they can focus on being the best self they can be at work, play, and in their relationships. She works with each client to achieve their goals using nutrition and lifestyle support. Her passion is food and she creates customized meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and is available to her clients 24-7!