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We begin with a clarifying and relaxing meditation to really get clear on your intentions and goals for our time together. Then we'll work through the entire body utilizing your chakras and energy centers as a guide to strengthen and balance your body mind, and soul.
This includes everything from an in-person Reiki session, but in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world. Meditating together from separate places creates a very strong spiritual bond and portal with which to send energy. Clients have reported feeling the heat of my hands during our session, and leave feeling refreshed and clear. Distance sessions are so special and unique to everyone. I encourage you to explore the powerful energy centers within your body while building intuition as I guide you. Phone and email correspondence available.
Reiki is a wonderful way to clear your head, relax, and enjoy each and every moment of your time as a Bride. I offer special packages tailored just for you as a guide through your wedding planning journey. Balancing and bringing you back to your power, and heart centered purpose. (inquire for pricing).
The morning of your wedding doesn’t have to be hectic. Start on the right foot, alongside your partner in a deeply connecting and loving meditation. Sit in your power, sharing your most intimate energy, on the day you start a new adventure together. We’ll end with Reiki sessions to keep you balanced and full of light for the rest of your beautiful day.
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Location: Seattle, Remote

About Stephanie

Hello! I’m Stephanie. I started my Reiki journey about 25 years ago with my first attunement from my mother. Growing up in a spiritual house has given me time to gently clarify this beautiful healing modality and my skills as an intuitive. I’m a New York native, now living in Seattle with my husband, 3 year old, and Reiki loving pup. Both coasts have my heart, which is why i am so excited to share my practice through wedwell! Having been a Bride, along with growing a family, and owning a business, I understand how hard it is to stay clear and balanced while navigating a busy life. Reiki has been such a game changer for me. I only want to share, guide, and heal anyone who feels called to it.

Client Testimonials

"My first reiki energy healing experience was honoured to be with Stephanie. She is very focused, positive, and amazing at guiding and coaching one through every step of the way. I felt so reenergised and even discovered the deep power of my personal energy field! " - Wis