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This reading is for both the understanding & up-leveling of any relationship in your life — partners, friends, family, co-workers. In this reading we will first look at the individual charts. I will give an overview of each chart & give each person in the relationship awareness into how the other works energetically as well as tools & strategies of how to work best with each other. We will also consider the combined energy the two of you create together inside the relationship — areas of strength, sensitivity & talents.
The Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. It is your soul's cosmic blueprint & has the potential to assist you in unlocking the codes of both your psyche & soul. Codes such as — where you come from (karmically), why you came into this life, what wounds you came to heal & your soul's destiny.
This reading is a deep dive into any relationship in your life — partners, friends, family, co-workers. In the Composite, the two individual charts are combined, creating a third chart that is the relationships blueprint. It is an eye-opening karmic window into the unique energy & soul contract of the relationship. Some examples of what can be looked at include relationship dynamics, patterns or areas of conflict, shared wounding, karma & pathways to growth. Both the Composite & the individual charts will be considered.
The planets all have unique cycles in which they are moving through the sky. When a planet comes back to its exact position in the sky where it was in your Natal Chart at birth, we call it a return. It is an exciting time to tune into the lessons, growth & magic available to you through the portal of the return. This reading is available for the planetary return of your choosing — Solar (birthday reading), Jupiter, Saturn, or Chiron. We will go into the different layers of the return — the archetype of the planet, the area of your life getting lit up, lessons, karma, growth, aligned action, etc. This reading is recommended for birthdays, anyone pre-return, in the return, or coming out of the return wanting to reflect & distill the wisdom.
Transits are aspects or interactions between the planets positions in the sky & the planets in your Natal Chart. In the Transits & Timing Reading I will examine how the planetary movements in the sky are interacting with & affecting your Natal, at the point in time of your choosing. We can look at past events, see what's currently present for you, or project into future timelines. A caveaut; I do not practice predictive Astrology. Rather, I'm here to empower you with an awareness of the planetary energies & dynamics; to offer ways you could both align & work with them. This reading is for those seeking deeper awareness & clarity around an event of any kind.
Chart & Soul Guidance Sessions were birthed from the realization of the shared desire of me & my clients to go deeper — & to work together longer term. These sessions are for those who want a container where both the Natal & the Human Design charts are considered; those who feel they have conceptually grasped the information from the charts but need guidance with implementation & embodiment. They are also for those who are ready to take a deep dive into any aspect of the human experience where you want reflections & guidance.
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About Pilar

Pilar is a writer, story-teller & heart-centered guide through the systems of Astrology, Human Design & the inner world. In her readings, she combines her vast knowledge of Astrology & Human Design with her intuitive abilities to go both into the chart & beyond it. She is known for her gentle yet powerful ability to see you — all of you, very deeply.

Client Testimonials

"Pilar is simultaneously the most human & celestial being that I’ve ever met. I have had her read both my natal & HD charts — her knowledge and intuition being just the tip of the iceberg.” - Kara

"I had a 60-minute Human Design session with Pilar. I think the best way I could describe the session was eye-opening and peace giving. Pilar is so incredibly wise and knowledgeable. I never once doubted that she knew what she was talking about. In fact, it kind of felt like she had snuck into my brain and reading what was inscribed in there. Highly recommend speaking to her if you want to dive deeper into knowing and understanding yourself. Much much much love." - Veronica

"I booked a 2-hour Chart & Soul Session with Pilar to gain clarity on what I’m on Earth to do this time around. I’ve received tiny hints my whole life, but they were always vague and never made sense. That plus old programming about what I “should” do make it hard to trust those hints. I knew I needed someone who could read my blueprint - my natal chart and human design. And WOW. I’ve never felt more articulated than I do today after my session with Pilar. Truly, it was as if she read my soul." - Nicole