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An energizing 75 min vinyasa sequence empowered by the anahata or heart chakra - energy center of love - to leave you and/or your bridesmaids glowing. The session involves a brief opening and closing meditation focused on breath//body awareness, intention-setting, and empowerment of the divine feminine. The vinyasa flow portion of the session is designed to enhance balance, strength, flexibility, clarity, and cultivate mindfulness around the heart chakra. All sessions include hands-on adjustments to aid in proper alignment, optional essential oil aromatherapy, optional sound healing, and a personally curated music selection. Sliding scale available based on eligibility. Large group (10< people) sessions are available upon request.
Yoga for Stress Release + Anxiety Reduction - 90 min Your special day is coming up, which is exciting but let's be real, it can be stressful at times! On top of that, the ongoing influx of news, social media, ads, and to-do lists (aka. chaos) can often be difficult to navigate through. Calmness doesn't have to be so far-fetched in these times. Integration is key, and this workshop bridges the gap between mental health and holistic wellness healing modalities. Sessions include scientific, evidence-based methods fused with practical yoga & meditation techniques to relieve anxiety, release stress, and empower healing virtually anywhere. Sliding scale available based on eligibility.
Planning your wedding shouldn't mean that your self-care should take a back seat! Take a deep dive into understanding the seven incredible psychic-energy centers or chakras that connect us to our spiritual, emotional, and physical selves. Gain insight into how chakras drive our health and wellbeing, how to unblock vital energy channels, and special meditative asanas for chakra-balancing. Let yoga and meditation attune you to your truest, highest self. *Add-on package available to create your own Goddess Salt + Essential oil bath blends to take home and use in your well-deserved self-care routine! Sessions are 75 min. Large group (10< people) sessions are available upon request.
Add-on Package
Goddess Salt + Essential oil bath blend package only available in-person.
Meditation sessions, 30-45 min, guided with intention for the busy, working bride-to-be. Intentions include body awareness, breathing techniques, energizing, de-stressing, and enhancing emotional intelligence. Each session leaves you feeling relaxed, restored, and recalibrated. Optional essential oil aromatherapy offered. You work hard. You deserve a moment to breathe.
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About Neha

Ney is a 500-hour trained yoga instructor, meditation coach, and Reiki Level II practitioner based in NYC. She has a B.S in Health Sciences from Northeastern University and professional experience working in various traditional health care settings, with specific interest in psychology, behavioral health, and destigmatizing mental health issues. Her innate love for creative psychosomatic movement fused with her lifelong mission to improve healthcare has led her to a unique place of exploring integrated mind/body healing modalities. Ney is deeply inspired by the divine feminine, and aims to empower anyone who identifies as a female through these modalities. She leads all sessions with kindness, compassion, and authentic personal connection to her clients.

When she isn’t yoga-ing, writing, or working towards transforming the healthcare system, this Brooklynite can be found enjoying the vast outdoors, traveling, or crafting up vegan goodies!