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An herbal consultation is a holistic path to understanding your body and health. In the hour and a half we go over your health history and begin to identify constitutional strengths, patterns of imbalance, and potential health tendencies. After our consultation I provide you with a protocol including dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations personalized to your individual needs.
Herbalism classes offered for groups. Examples of class topics include intro to plants as medicine, traditional foods, seasonal wellness, holistic fitness protocols, how to make a medicinal strength tea, detoxing for health, herbs for anxiety, and more. Cost is dependent on class material and number of attendees and can be tailored to event or group. $400 minimum for 1 hour / group.
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About Maeve

Maeve is a practicing herbalist - she works with plants and food as medicine. She is a graduate of ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, a three year clinical herbalism program in New York City. Her practice is rooted in empowerment through the reclamation of knowledge - healing is much more than a function of the body. Healing ourselves is a spiritual and political act. We are all gifted with the capacity to heal and the guidance of plants. We are the earth, the earth is us, and there is much to learn from this relationship of reciprocity.