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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Is your perpetual to-do list weighing heavily on you? This gentle flow will encourage you to give your body the love and stillness it deserves, while becoming grounded on your mat. You will be encouraged to find ownership in your practice and listen to the needs of your body - these 60 minutes are for YOU. This class is intentionally rooted in breath work and heart opening asanas, with special attention to the heart chakra. Exhale to release, inhale to find peace. Be kind to yourself.
Seeking a balance of deep, intentional breathing and a strong, powerful flow? The power vinyasa flow weaves together the needs of your mind, body and soul with a foundation of stretch and strength. Attention to breath is essential as you flow from asana to asana, listening to your body and challenging yourself on your own terms. This class will encourage you to stay in touch with the Self amid the chaos. There is a reason you chose to come to the mat to sweat. What is your reason? Move intentionally. Challenge your body, nourish your soul.
The release & restore session is a combination of meditation*, diaphragmatic breathing, and yin asanas, with option to add 15 minutes of foam rolling. Props** such as blankets, pillows, stretching straps, and sandbags are utilized to assist your body in a variety of asanas (seated and lying down). Most postures are held for several minutes to fully allow your body the time and space to release tension. Acknowledge and make peace with the potential discomfort of the posture, breathe through the release, and always listen to the needs of your body. *Meditation is essential to this class. Prior to a private session, you are invited to reflect on your needs. A relevant meditation theme will then be chosen. **Depending on your personal preferences and sensitivities, essential oils may be utilized as well. This is a safe space. Let go of expectations, comparisons and judgments. You are Love, you are Light, you are Worthy.
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Location: Seattle

About Liana

Liana is a Northwest native who spends her time teaching yoga and writing. She trained under Dora Gyarmati at Spira Power Yoga in West Seattle, and is devoted to guiding students through a yoga practice rooted in mindful movement and intentional breathing. Her lifelong experiences with anxiety have strongly shaped her desire to explore the healing nature of yoga. She encourages her students to be open to the possibility that yoga is greater than physical exercise - it is a spiritual journey of the Self.