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You're feeling like you know you have greater potential and just need a little bit of clarity and a push in the right direction to get you motivated again. This package provides positive direction and lays a solid foundation for improving your overall health and well-being. This package is for you if you are ready to dip your toes in the water of healthy eating and begin to learn how to eat without counting calories or points and learnt to cook at home, order at restaurants, and choose the best foods for you. This package is for you if you want to begin to feel confident about how to make simple healthy swaps. You get: 6 45-minute coaching sessions over 3 month, Personalized homework each session to ensure growth and momentum, Weekly emails for accountability and support
You're feeling like you're unsatisfied with your health, have no idea where to begin and are so overwhelmed. Lifestyle and Behavior changes take time and patience. So, if you are committed to change, this package is for you. With this extended package we will be able to dive deep into your health problem as well as addressing: cravings, emotional eating habits, exercise and stress and create strategies to overcome everyday obstacles when it comes to your food and health choices. You will be able to learn to tap into your intuition about food choices and understand what foods work best for your unique and beautiful body. This package will set you up for a lifetime of healthy habits and can result in improved digestion, clearer skin, weight loss, increased energy and a clearer mind. You get : 12 45-minute coaching sessions over 6 months. Sessions are done over phone or Zoom/Personalized homework each session to ensure growth and momentum/Weekly emails for accountability and support
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Location: NYC, Remote

About Erin

Erin is an Integrative & Functional Nutrition Health Coach and entrepreneur. Erin believes that food and wellness can dramatically change your life and your work performance. She works with busy New Yorkers who don’t like they way they look or feel in their body; they are overtired, spread too thin, can’t fit into their jeans, and want to optimize their life through food. These people go from feeling confused, defeated and anxious around food and health to making empowering choices that enables them to reach their maximum potential.