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Includes: ♡ Goddess Tarot Card reading ♡ Energy Healing session (75 min) ♡ Personalized yoga session (60 min) ♡ Custom Be Magic mala bracelet ♡ Guided Breathwork & Meditation ♡ Raw Cacao Ceremony
VIP Goddess Day + ♡ 4 customized private yoga sessions (60 min each) ♡ 3 energy healing sessions (75 min each) ♡ 3 energy healing sessions (75 min each)
A house clearing and blessing purifies your home of stagnant or negative energies, entities or beings. We create a clear and sacred space for your continued soul growth and expansion. Marriage is the perfect time to bless your home for your new life together as a family.
Customized 60 min yoga sessions, your choice of vinyasa, gentle flow, yin, yoga nidra, or any combination. * Pele is the Hawaiian fire goddess of volcanoes, lightning, dance and wind. She is both a creator and destroyer which are necessary for the balance of nature. To connect with Pele and any of the dark goddess archetypes, for that matter, is to connect with your true power. Archetypes live in all of us. Begin to connect with and embody the fire goddess in you in these customized private yoga sessions.
90 min multi-dimensional hands-on spiritual energy healing I work with your spirit guides and angels, my guides, angels, the archangels and ascended masters during our session together. I am simply the vessel for this transformational lightwork based on your intention, what is on the surface, and what you (and your guides) want me to work on. Energy healing addresses all aspects of your multi-dimensional being. We work on your chakras and the levels of your energy field to clear stagnant energies, emotions, belief systems and gently bring you into greater alignment with Source and your soul purpose. You will feel more clear, vibrant, and higher-self embodiment. *Aphrodite is the ancient Greek goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and procreation. She is identified with the planet Venus. Marriage is a beautiful time to connect with this powerful Goddess archetype.
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Location: Seattle

About Elli

Elli is an energy healer, yoga instructor and modern day shaman. She offers one-on-one energy healing, goddess gatherings, moon ceremonies, yoga classes, workshops, and international yoga retreats. She is passionate about being a paradigm-shifter, a game-changer, and alchemically transforming the Earth with love by aligning light-workers to their soul purpose.
Elli has a master's degree in exercise physiology, completed a 2 year intensive energy healer's training though Healing Heart Space, a year long program at the Gateway School of Shamanism, and has an RYT 200hr vinyasa certification. She's done additional trainings with Essential Light Institute, the Omega Institute, and Moksha Tantra Center in Seattle.
Her own healing journey with traumatic brain injury and adrenal fatigue led her on this deep soul path of remembering her true essence and soul's purpose. She loves incorporating these potent practices to create sacred space for transformation, healing and magic.