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Moving towards embodiment is long term, lifestyle work. My therapeutic style is psychodynamic and depth oriented, while integrating attachment theory.
Sometimes words fail to articulate unique life experiences and talk therapies reach their limitations, this is when other modalities are desired and meaning-making through movement has an invitational quality. For centuries people have used dance as a way of storytelling, this is a unique outlet for expression that cultivates safety, growth and connection.
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Location: Seattle

About Ashley

Ashley is a somatically inclined therapist who takes a holistic approach to care, looking at the whole person instead of mere symptomology. Whether it's individual or couple's care Ashley is all about cultivating a space where you get to explore the root aspects of your relationship and ultimately step deeper towards a more embodied approach when it comes to attunement with yourself and your partner. She offers a wide range of services, whether it's a restorative couple's yoga or a conversational session with your significant other you get to collaboratively design the best package to fit your needs in this busy season. And hopefully invest in the quality of your relationship long-term, because it's not just about wedding well but even more about building a solid foundation to thrive long-term in a passionate partnership.

**Favorite book recommend for partners is Esther Perel's: Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence ♡