Services Offered

Each member of the bridal party and bride will receive a 1:1 tarot session. I will divide the time purchased by how many people want readings to determine the lengths of the sessions. The clients provide the space / table and I would come to them.
1 hour session designed specifically to help the bride center in on what she needs to know as she begins this new chapter in her life.
30 minute session designed to help the maid support her #1 gal, even if she's being a bridezilla.
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Location: NYC, Remote

About Ashley

Ashley is the Head Witch in Charge at Magical Mind, where depressed and stressed babes learn their new favorite coping skill: tarot. Ashley blends tarot and her innate intuitive abilities to serve those who feel misunderstood with a little everyday magic.

Originally from Texas, she resides in Brooklyn with her girlfriend and Chihuahua Salsa. Having seen the magic worked in her own life, going from mental breakdowns and month-long sick leaves to working with Broadway stars and international magazines, she knew the wisdom of the tarot, and her intuitive gifts got her through the worst moments of her life. And it can do the same for you. It's time for you to meet your magic.