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This reading is for both the understanding & up-leveling of any relationship in your life — partners, friends, family, co-workers. In this reading we will first look at the individual charts. I will give an overview of each chart & give each person in the relationship awareness into how the other works energetically as well as tools & strategies of how to work best with each other. We will also consider the combined energy the two of you create together inside the relationship — areas of strength, sensitivity & talents.
The Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born. It is your soul's cosmic blueprint & has the potential to assist you in unlocking the codes of both your psyche & soul. Codes such as — where you come from (karmically), why you came into this life, what wounds you came to heal & your soul's destiny.
This reading is a deep dive into any relationship in your life — partners, friends, family, co-workers. In the Composite, the two individual charts are combined, creating a third chart that is the relationships blueprint. It is an eye-opening karmic window into the unique energy & soul contract of the relationship. Some examples of what can be looked at include relationship dynamics, patterns or areas of conflict, shared wounding, karma & pathways to growth. Both the Composite & the individual charts will be considered.
The planets all have unique cycles in which they are moving through the sky. When a planet comes back to its exact position in the sky where it was in your Natal Chart at birth, we call it a return. It is an exciting time to tune into the lessons, growth & magic available to you through the portal of the return. This reading is available for the planetary return of your choosing — Solar (birthday reading), Jupiter, Saturn, or Chiron. We will go into the different layers of the return — the archetype of the planet, the area of your life getting lit up, lessons, karma, growth, aligned action, etc. This reading is recommended for birthdays, anyone pre-return, in the return, or coming out of the return wanting to reflect & distill the wisdom.
Transits are aspects or interactions between the planets positions in the sky & the planets in your Natal Chart. In the Transits & Timing Reading I will examine how the planetary movements in the sky are interacting with & affecting your Natal, at the point in time of your choosing. We can look at past events, see what's currently present for you, or project into future timelines. A caveaut; I do not practice predictive Astrology. Rather, I'm here to empower you with an awareness of the planetary energies & dynamics; to offer ways you could both align & work with them. This reading is for those seeking deeper awareness & clarity around an event of any kind.
Chart & Soul Guidance Sessions were birthed from the realization of the shared desire of me & my clients to go deeper — & to work together longer term. These sessions are for those who want a container where both the Natal & the Human Design charts are considered; those who feel they have conceptually grasped the information from the charts but need guidance with implementation & embodiment. They are also for those who are ready to take a deep dive into any aspect of the human experience where you want reflections & guidance.
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About Pilar

Pilar is a writer, story-teller & heart-centered guide through the systems of Astrology, Human Design & the inner world. In her readings, she combines her vast knowledge of Astrology & Human Design with her intuitive abilities to go both into the chart & beyond it. She is known for her gentle yet powerful ability to see you — all of you, very deeply.


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