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Individual talk therapy is 45 minutes of uninterrupted YOU-time typically held once a week, with just you and your therapist. At the start of your therapy, you identify some of the specific difficulties you are facing, as well as some ideal goals of where you would like to be at the end of your therapeutic work. Your therapist will work with you to identify and eventually overcome any internal or external barriers to your goals, using therapeutic conversation, targeted skill-building, and/or evidence-based psychotherapy techniques, depending on your goals.
Couples sessions can be used as a primary mode of therapy or as a supplement to individual therapy. If you and your partner have identified a place where you've been getting stuck, couples therapy can be a great way to sit together with a trained therapist to try to work through it. Another common experience is that one partner comes in for individual therapy, and later on, it becomes apparent that certain issues would be best worked on while having their partner with them in session. In these cases, the partner might join for just a few sessions to enhance the individual work.
Premarital counseling is a particular type of couples counseling that is used leading up to a wedding and marriage. Usually with premarital counseling, the couple doesn’t necessarily have specific issues they would like to work on, but rather just come in for a “tune-up” before they embark on the next chapter of marriage. Premarital counseling is a bit more structured than couples counseling; we use the Prepare-Enrich (P/E) assessment, which starts with a questionnaire for each partner to take. It covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs and takes into account individual personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics. The results of this assessment show us areas where the couple is less aligned or discussion topics that will be important in marriage, but maybe haven’t been talked about yet in the relationship, giving us great guidance and resources to structure our sessions.
Often times, planning a wedding and a marriage is an entire family affair and many personalities converging on one special day can make for some difficult conversations. Family therapy sessions offer a safe space to navigate any family issue that might be coming up for a bride or groom. Like couples sessions, the option for family therapy can be used as a primary modality from start to finish, or as a supplement to individual work, and we do not necessarily have to meet with the entire family, but can also work with smaller family units (e.g. a bride and her mother, bride and sister, etc.).
Coaching is similar to therapy, but has a bit more of a hands-on, goal oriented, structured approach. The coach takes a bit more of a hands-on approach than the therapist. Session frequency can be increased and incorporate phone/Skype check-ins. This is also a relationship that is accessible to our out of state clients who participate via phone or video conferencing.
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About Landis

Landis graduated with masters degrees in counseling psychology and mental health counseling from Columbia University and holds a license to provide psychotherapy as a New York State Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). After planning her own wedding in 2015, Landis became fascinated with the emotional experience that arises during the wedding planning process and AisleTalk was born as a result of this interest and identified need. Landis's therapeutic style is warm, nonjudgmental, client-centered, and goal-focused.

Location: NYC, Remote