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Looking to awaken creativity, sexuality, and inner freedom? Want to ignite your sex life, heal attachment issues, and find your inner feminine force? Try this 60-minute class designed specifically for awakening the sacral chakra (the space between our naval and pelvis, including the hips), where our deepest fears, dreams, and desires live. This magical flow integrates crystals and essential oils and helps move stale energy by opening the hips and grounding the soul.
Tired of the degrading body messages in wedding fitness? Want to feel whole and peaceful in your body on your wedding day, instead of just “thin?” You ARE enough. And with my personalized body positive yoga sessions, tailored to your needs, we will work together to bring you body love and trust throughout this 60 minute session.
If you are healing from a past trauma, various mental disorders, general anxiety, or depression, this 75 minute session will help you inhabit your body, practice self-forgiveness, and provide powerful physical and emotional stress relief through restorative yoga postures using a trauma-informed lens. This means that I will teach with deep consciousness of mental triggers (example: students will be able to see the door at all times) and take care of your personal and emotional needs as we move through a gentle, loving, and simple flow meant to bring us home to our bodies.
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Location: New York City

About Gaby

Gaby is a 200 hour RYT yoga practitioner with a focus on body positive yoga and helping women heal their body image. She is a writer in New York City with a degree in poetry from Columbia University.


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