About wedwell

+ What is wedwell?

wedwell is a platform to help make it super easy for you to book wellness sessions for your wedding. We’ve found that it’s actually quite difficult to find a great wellness practitioner because you have to go to individual sites, compare pricing, read individual reviews. We’ve taken the hard part out and made an easy booking experience. Our whole company is rooted in love - from our mission to what we offer. Aside from being a platform to book services, we’re a community of light workers supporting one another’s wellness journeys.

+ Why use wedwell?

wedwell makes it easy to find and book wellness services for yourself or for your group. When you book with us, you are guaranteed reliability, safety, and ease!

+ What are the benefits of wedwell?

wedwell focuses on three pillars of wellness: body, soul, and heart. We carefully choose service providers that are not only experienced in their fields but also believers in the impact love and wellness can have in our lives. By focusing on this, we hope to focus the wedding industry back to what matters most: love.

+ How do you choose your practitioners? Are they vetted?

Our practitioners are 100% vetted and are people that we personally would recommend. We have either taken their class, personally practiced with them, or were recommended to them by someone we trust. We make sure each person is of high quality, excellent service, attitude, and reliability.

+ Who is wedwell intended to be used for? Do I need to be engaged/married or a bride?

wedwell can be used by anyone, and you absolutely do not need to be engaged/married to use our service! We originally created wedwell out of a need in the wedding industry to bring more healthy practices that weren’t based in ego - but our product can be used by anyone in all stages of love.

+ Where can I use wedwell?

You can use wedwell virtually, or in select cities right now (New York and Seattle!). Private sessions will most often be held in someone's home, or studio space depending on the activity.

+ Does wedwell support social causes?

Yes! We are strong believers in giving back and donate 10% of our profits to end child brides. Click here to learn more about: care.org


+ Is there a service charge?

Nope! When you purchase your package or service, your costs are all covered. We don't like hidden fees!

+ Why should I pay and communicate only through wedwell?

Paying and communicating through wedwell helps to ensure that clients and professionals are protected in case of a dispute. Paying outside of wedwell can unfortunately result in unreliable transactions, and we can’t provide access to these benefits when transactions aren’t paid for directly through wedwell. We’ve also built safeguards into wedwell to help keep your information secure. If you communicate outside of wedwell, you miss out on these security benefits. That makes it harder for us to protect your info and at greater risk of fraud and other security issues.

+ When do I pay?

All payments must be made at the time of booking in order to reserve your session.


+ What is the cancellation policy?

We ask for a 48-hour cancellation period for your session for a full refund. If cancelled within 48-hours, we charge the full amount.

+ Do I need to tip the service practitioner?

Nope, we make the booking experience easy so you don’t have to worry about extra tipping or hidden costs. Of course, you still are more than welcome to send a tip if you feel so inclined!


+ I know someone whose services would be great for wedwell, how can I get them involved?

Wonderful! Have them email us at hello@bewedwell.com

Can't find what the answer you're looking for? Reach out at hello@bewedwell.com, we'd be more than happy to see what we can do!