Cosmic Love - Joshua Tree


Cosmic Love - Joshua Tree


Your choice of a 2-hour Astrology or Tarot Workshop

Make your bachelorette party out of this world with an astrology or tarot workshop for your group! This session brings in all of the cosmic bride vibes, and is the perfect way to do something unique for your group. PS - finding out everyone's star signs is our quickest advice for how to start some great group bonding. 

Astrology Workshop: Each person in your bach group will get their own printed birth chart along with a mini-chart reading from the Astrologer. The session will have a 20-minute intro to astrology, then the Astrologer will work with each person individually going over their chart. While chart readings are happening, the rest of the group can relax and take in the cosmic magic (which is, in our opinion, the perfect time for a rosé party). 

You’ll need to provide birth chart information two weeks prior to the bachelorette date - this includes birth date, time, and location for each person. wedwell’s astrologers are all extremely vetted, so you can expect your readings to be professional, fun, and approachable! 

Tarot Workshop: Channel the divine wisdom of tarot cards with your bach group! Learn all about Tarot cards and experience the cards for yourself with individual tarot readings in this two-hour workshop!

What is tarot? Tarot cards can give clarity and insight to the present moment, as well as help you work through future scenarios. They are a way to channel guidance for any situation and learn more about yourself. 

The Tarot reader will come to your desired location and start with an Intro to Tarot session where they will answer any of your questions on these mystical cards (what are they, how to use them, why, etc). Next, the Tarot reader will work with each person individually for mini-readings ~10 minutes. Your group can choose to listen to each person's readings, or keep those private and mingle in another room while the readings occur. The tarot reader will provide all necessary materials (tarot cards, crystals, aromatherapy). wedwell’s tarot readers are all extremely vetted, so you can expect your readings to be professional, fun, and approachable! 

Additional Information:

+Session is for 2-hours 

+wedwell guide will come to your desired location (Airbnb, hotel, etc) and provide all necessary materials (tarot cards or birth charts). 

+We will need to collect birth chart information from your group at least two weeks ahead of the bachelorette date for astrology.

+Price is for up to 15 people in the group, contact us for larger groups. 

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