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wedwell believes: Our Social Mission

wedwell believes: Our Social Mission


Our entire mission with wedwell is to create social impact through female empowerment.

wedwell empowers women to have more control, independence, and well-being in their relationships by creating this platform to share, engage in discussion, and offer services to help emotional well-being. Aside from our services and offerings being engrained with our mission, we also have a financial contribution of 10% of our profits going to a non-profit to end child marriage.

Every seven seconds, a girl under age 15 around the world is getting married. Child marriage isn’t a glamorous topic and it’s not something people know how to help support. If you’re living in a big city, it can feel out of your control to help someone in Niger or Bangladesh (where 82% and 75% of girls marry before the age of 18). Even in the US, there are 26 states that have no legal age to marry.

We chose child marriage as our cause because it is so parallel to the work we’re doing in the wedding industry. While we can often be clouded by the excessive consumption of planning a wedding in the US, marriage isn’t a beautiful situation for everyone. Sometimes, it can be the worst possible thing that happens to you, and we want to bring awareness to the issue. We even have a section in our Bridal Wellness Guide on “Keeping Your Perspective” throughout your engagement as to not get wrapped up in wedding stress and encourage women to remember what else is going on.

Now, I think we’re ready to get even a little more personal.


My (Lilia’s) grandmother, my favorite woman in the entire universe, got married at age 13.

She met my grandfather who was ten years older than her when she was 12 years old. While the circumstances were extremely different in Iran circa 1960 (this was not an arranged marriage, was my grandmother’s choice, and she and my grandfather were actually very much in love), I have personally seen the effects of what happens when someone gets married so young. My grandmother barely finished the eighth grade when she stopped going to school.  She grew up poor without a father figure, so of course a pre-teen wouldn’t be able to make thoughtful decisions about marriage. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder how she’d be different if she had gotten more education and the ability to think for herself, instead of living a life dedicated to serving her husband and children. It’s no surprise that my grandmother highly values education and was the proudest at our college graduations – she was denied that ability.

Child marriage is a cycle that denies girls the right to education and learning, thus keeping them seen as a commodity and not an individual. Typically, child brides are more prone to abusive relationships, domestic violence, and rape.

So, how will wedwell’s contribution make a difference in the community?  

We want girls to have rights and the ability to receive an education. By donating a portion of our profits to organizations to put an end towards child marriage, we will be supporting non-profit groups that work to educate women and provide safe spaces. We plan to incorporate this mission into all of our wedwell events by having speakers come chat about the topic, fundraising for organizations, providing sponsorship to women in other countries, and participate in other events related to this work with Girls Not Brides org. Our goal is to support girl’s education and non-profits helping take a stand to increase education rates and end policy that supports child marriage, and getting creative on ways we can make an impact.


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