Lilia: The Things People Say After You Get Engaged (and How to Deal)



YAY! You fell in love. You’re getting engaged. Life is so magical and beautiful your heart can’t even take it. That is, until, a few weeks post-engagement and everyone and their mother feels comfortable pouring their opinions to you about YOUR wedding. Without asking for anyone’s point of view, you’ll start to hear things like:


  • “Will (Bob, Suzy, Megan, insert any person’s name who you aren’t even friends with) be on the guest list? They really need to be invited.”

  • “Oh, you really shouldn’t get married outside...It’s much better to have a traditional ceremony with [insert religion] tradition”.  

  • “Bummer...I thought you would’ve had the wedding in (insert any other location than what you are planning)”.


As soon as you get engaged, people feel entitled to control your wedding, and they end up thinking more selfishly about their desires rather than your own. This is my advice to you: Stand your ground! When someone gives advice, don’t argue, but don’t encourage the unnecessary advice giving. For someone who has overcome a blocked throat chakra (where we hold our expression and communication), I know the difficulty it is of standing up for yourself and living to your own standard. The wedding is about you and your fiancee (and partly for your parents). Prepare yourself mentally for the unsolicited advice from strangers, your best friend, or your crazy aunt.