How to Have the Best Wedding Morning Ever

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

The night before my wedding I did not sleep. I had allll the aim of heading to bed early and was cozied up by 11pm, but my excitement and nerves kept me awake throughout the whole night. I did not let that stop getting more #weddingdayglow and used that energy to wake me up early in the morning. The hours before the wedding celebration were honestly some of my favorite moments, so here’s how to have the most fabulous morning ever before you tie the knot.


You can meditate wherever you are. I luckily had the privilege of having my wedding right by the water, so I woke up at the crack of dawn at 6:15am, got myself a hot water with lemon and walked to the water for a short gratitude meditation amidst the birds, bay, and trees.

You can do this everywhere and it’s the easiest way to start your wedding morning with peace. As the saying goes, “How you live your morning is how you live your day, which is how you live your life.”

See, mornings count!


Yes, you’ve heard us #preach all about wedding day yoga as that’s part of our business after all, but I got to first hand experience what this was like for my own wedding and it was a transformational and powerful experience. Could not recommend it ENOUGH.

I opened the invitation to all of our wedding guests to join the morning class, and we had 38 people show. At 7:30 am in the morning on a Saturday. Hello #tribe, I love you. The yoga instructor (aka best friend and cofounder of wedwell) started out the class with an incredibly beautiful intention setting, and some sweet words about the bride, ahem, me. Crying.

We ended the class with a giant group hug where my friends & family from all over the world were connected and spreading so much love.

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer


I hope I’m not the only one who is obsessed with hot tubs. Just the act of being able to go into a hot tub makes me so excited/relaxed at the same time, so naturally I wanted to go into the tub after my morning yoga class. My wedding was at a resort so it was easy to do, but if you’re wedding is somewhere else you can do this by going to a local gym, spa or hotel for the morning!


This one is more applicable if your wedding is near the water, but the mindset of this activity is all the same! Get outside with your best friends! My husband and his groomsmen started the morning with a group paddle board session. Apparently three of the guys fell into the cold water, but at least my husband didn’t get cold feet (ha ha ha).

Enjoy your morning and do whatever makes you the happiest! For me, it’s yoga and nature. For you, that could be reading or writing. Start your day intentionally and the rest of the day will flow.



#wedwellbrides: Jessica

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Hi loves, welcome to our #wedwellbabes interview series - getting the real talk on all things relationships, engagements, and marriage. 

We love this interview with wedwell babe, Jessica, on all things wedding planning! Find her on instagram @jessica.kaley.

Jessica- can you tell us a little bit about yourself, and your love story? 

I’m Jessica, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Miami, FL. I graduated a year ago with my Master of Architecture Degree, and got proposed to by my sweet boyfriend (now fiancé) that same day! We met (& started dating) by chance about 4 years ago on Study Abroad- I was studying abroad for a semester in his home city, Genoa, Italy. We’ve been long distance ever since, back and forth between 2 countries, but are now looking forward to getting married, in no city other than Genoa, in about 1 month. Then after that, we’ll actually be moving to live/start our life together in Dubai (long story)! Crazy to think, but I truly feel that I have found my soulmate, on the opposite side of the world. Our whole relationship, let alone our engagement has been a true journey (literally and figuratively). I never in a million years would have guessed I would be living the international fairy-tale (Lizzie McGuire style) life that I have been, but I believe that life is what you make of it, and in case I didn’t believe it before, my fiancé is proof to me, that really ANYTHING is possible. Advice to future brides: 

Follow your heart- follow it to the end of the world and back.

What has planning your wedding been like?

My wedding planning has been very exciting at moments, but also very stressful at others. It was most surprising to me all of the wedding “traditions” that I was told “I should do”, but the planning has really helped me learn the importance of compromising- both with my fiancé & to-be-in-laws and with my own family.

What ways have you been staying healthy throughout this process?

My fiancé and I have really learned to continue to practice healthy communication with each other- wedding planning has definitely led to wedding disagreements, but plenty of opportunities to have healthy resolution with each other/learning to see each other’s point of view in a better light. And when that fails, I just burn off my stress in the gym. Lol.

What's the biggest difference you've seen in your relationship since being engaged?

We have become more intense with each other’s emotions- yes we talked about the future plenty of times before, but since being engaged, my fiancé has described on multiple occasions how he has fantasized about us growing old together- and it’s always so beautiful to hear and picture being grandparents one day together. He has really been my rock, even more so than before, when I have needed him. It has created a greater bond between the two of us and a strength that is indescribable.

How have you and your partner handled wedding planning disagreements?

The priest who is marrying us recommended the book, The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman. We’ve been reading it together (me reading aloud and my fiancé hearing my voice as a “book on tape”) and then discussing the chapters afterwards. It’s been very helpful in understanding how to show our love with each other, and helped us in our disagreements. (HIGHLY recommend!)

How have you handled moments in planning where you were unsure of yourself?

At the end of the day, bridesmaids are SO helpful- one of mine is married, and she has been a great friend to reach out to for marriage advice. Good girl friends are key. 

What was going through your head during the proposal?

When my fiancé asked me to be his wife, we were literally in our pajamas in the room of my (tiny) college apartment I shared with my best friend in our last year of grad school. He asked just a couple of hours after I graduated with my Master of Architecture degree, and I was 1000% shocked. I actually think I blacked out a little, because my immediate reaction was that I couldn’t even speak- just bust into tears in disbelief and happiness. The most pure emotion of my life.

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Lilia: Staying Balanced Throughout Wedding Season


Two weeks after getting engaged, I found myself crying nightly and having panic attacks about the wedding! I was getting asked about the wedding every day by different friends, being harassed about dates, venues, and guest list by my mother, and feeling confused about why people even get married in the first place (it’s just more money to spend and unwanted stress, so I thought)... Don’t worry- that feeling was short lived once I decided I needed a better way of handling the madness.


Here are three ways to stay balanced throughout wedding planning:


  1. Gratitude

Show gratitude daily. The fact that you are surrounded in love and get to enjoy the stresses of wedding planning mean that you’re much better off than the majority of this world. Yes, it’s stressful. And Yes, you are lucky to have this type of stress. The more gratitude you show, the more your attitude surrounding the wedding will change.


2.  Designated wedding planning times

When I first got engaged, family members would call me throughout the day to talk about the wedding. Even though I work remotely (not from an office) and have the flexibility to take phone calls mid-day, it was way too difficult for me to go from wedding planning mode/stress back to work mode. I had to set boundaries for myself by not letting myself talk about the wedding until after work, or choose designated times that I was open to talking about it!


3. Yoga

How surprised are you that yoga is mentioned here?!

Create a daily yoga practice to help you stay calm, grounded, and ready for the big day! If I haven’t had my yoga practice in for the day, I’m probably still in bitch mode. Once I get that yoga in my body, my perspective and attitude changes and blossoms into the person I want to be!


Olivia: 3 Ways Yoga Can Enhance your Sex Life

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I truly think yoga is one of the best things you can do for you wellbeing. Speaking from personal experience, it has improved my quality of life in countless ways, and I know I am not alone in this belief.

Yoga promotes balance, helps you disconnect from the distractions of everyday life...and spices up the bedroom? Stay with me here.

1. Body Awareness

When you practice yoga, you bring awareness to every part of the body. You learn how to activate certain muscles, what it feels like to stretch typically ignored areas, and feel what movements feel like at a variety of speeds. Throughout all of this movement, you are taking in information about what feels good in your body. By recognizing the unique composition of your body, you are able to recognize what feels good in your body (on the mat or in the bedroom), and be able to vocalize your preferences!

2. Self Love

With my personal sex life, I have a really hard time getting in the mood if i’m not feeling good about myself! Whenever I am tired, bloated, or experiencing something putting me in a less than stellar mood, I struggle to initiate sex, and have a hard time getting in the mood when my partner does. Luckily, yoga has helped improve this aspect of my life in multiple ways. Yoga has empowered me to appreciate everything my body does, and not get hung up on outside appearances. Regardless of if I’m having a bad hair day, or unexpected breakout, yoga helps me feel sexy by loving every part of my body, helping me experience a boost of positive through endorphins, and getting out of my own head. Through breathwork, positive mantras, and reflection, I am able to separate myself from negative situations in my life, and fully arrive to my relationship and full of live.

3. Flexibility

I know, I know, this one is a no brainer. But it’s an obvious statement because it’s true! By increasing your flexibility you’re able to confidently experiment with new poses in the bedroom, allowing you to build new connections with your partner and explore what feels the best in your body.

My sexual encounters are the best when I’m feeling empowered, confident, and comfortable. Yoga has definitely helped me tap into this mindset more freely, and I hope it does the same for you!