Honeymoon Packing: The Five Essentials to Bring

No matter where your honeymoon is taking you, these five essentials are perfect for any newlywed!

Eberjay Intimates - the softest pjs I have! 

Eberjay Intimates - the softest pjs I have! 

Sexy Lingerie: Obviously, I had to start with this one. TIme to put that lingerie from your bridal shower/bffs to use! If you’re only bringing a carry on and don’t have much space, just bring a couple items to make the honeymoon fun and show off the #sexybride look ;)






Camera: Your iPhone does not count. Try bringing a camera that isn’t your phone so that you and your boo can have all the quality time without your phone’s natural distractions.







Journal: Wherever you’re traveling, it may be nice to bring your journal and spend some time reflecting and being intentional.

Some prompts to get you started:

  • What are 5 things you and your partner want to accomplish in the first year of marriage?
  • What were your emotions on your wedding day?
  • List 20 things your grateful for.

Book: It’s your honeymoon, but girl still needs some time to herself! Being together 24/7 is fun and all, but there may be moments when one person wants to do a different activity. For example, my husband was going to the gym every morning but I preferred to hangout in our gorgeous outdoor space in the room. Bring a book or kindle with you for breaks on the beach, bedside reading, or airplane commutes.


Medicine: While I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, both my husband and I got food poisoning on our honeymoon! It was très romantique hearing each other vomit one after the other. Ultimate marriage test.

Bring your meds of choice (I prefer herbal) in case anything happens to be prepared for whatever situation may arise, though I hope it doesn’t!



Extras: There are so many other fun ideas for newleyweds to bring on their honeymoon, like matching luggage tags, shirts (I saw five couples while traveling that had matching husband/wifey shirts), special champagne or liquor if you've got a carry on, and so much more. But now that you've got the basics, everything else is a bonus :) 

Simple as that! Hope you have the best honeymoon ever!

How to Have the Best Wedding Morning Ever

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

The night before my wedding I did not sleep. I had allll the aim of heading to bed early and was cozied up by 11pm, but my excitement and nerves kept me awake throughout the whole night. I did not let that stop getting more #weddingdayglow and used that energy to wake me up early in the morning. The hours before the wedding celebration were honestly some of my favorite moments, so here’s how to have the most fabulous morning ever before you tie the knot.


You can meditate wherever you are. I luckily had the privilege of having my wedding right by the water, so I woke up at the crack of dawn at 6:15am, got myself a hot water with lemon and walked to the water for a short gratitude meditation amidst the birds, bay, and trees.

You can do this everywhere and it’s the easiest way to start your wedding morning with peace. As the saying goes, “How you live your morning is how you live your day, which is how you live your life.”

See, mornings count!


Yes, you’ve heard us #preach all about wedding day yoga as that’s part of our business after all, but I got to first hand experience what this was like for my own wedding and it was a transformational and powerful experience. Could not recommend it ENOUGH.

I opened the invitation to all of our wedding guests to join the morning class, and we had 38 people show. At 7:30 am in the morning on a Saturday. Hello #tribe, I love you. The yoga instructor (aka best friend and cofounder of wedwell) started out the class with an incredibly beautiful intention setting, and some sweet words about the bride, ahem, me. Crying.

We ended the class with a giant group hug where my friends & family from all over the world were connected and spreading so much love.

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer

Photo by Amanda K White Photographer


I hope I’m not the only one who is obsessed with hot tubs. Just the act of being able to go into a hot tub makes me so excited/relaxed at the same time, so naturally I wanted to go into the tub after my morning yoga class. My wedding was at a resort so it was easy to do, but if you’re wedding is somewhere else you can do this by going to a local gym, spa or hotel for the morning!


This one is more applicable if your wedding is near the water, but the mindset of this activity is all the same! Get outside with your best friends! My husband and his groomsmen started the morning with a group paddle board session. Apparently three of the guys fell into the cold water, but at least my husband didn’t get cold feet (ha ha ha).

Enjoy your morning and do whatever makes you the happiest! For me, it’s yoga and nature. For you, that could be reading or writing. Start your day intentionally and the rest of the day will flow.