The Best Way to Avoid Wedding Day Stress: Organization

written by Helen Schulthesis

Ah, organization, the often overlooked antidote to stress.

As a new bride, I’m sure you’re painfully well aware that your wonderful wedding day will be chock full of small yet important details. If left unattended to, those tiny details can cause a huge headache or outburst, putting a damper on this significant day. 

It is my firm belief that if all these details are planned in advanced, the smoother the day will go and the more relaxed you’ll be. No one likes a bridezilla, and trust me, it’s actually not fun to feel like one. If you have a wedding planner or coordinator, you can rest easy that most of the heavy hitting will be done already, but if you don’t, it’s time to open up google spreadsheets and make some lists. Light a candle, breathe deeply, and most importantly, give yourself enough time to figure everything out.  


First and foremost, create a timeline for the wedding weekend listing each task or event, the timing, and people involved. You can create this in google drive, and send it out to your wedding party and family— make sure everyone knows who’s doing what in advance and that all questions are answeredWithin this doc you’ll also want to include phone numbers and names of important vendors and members of the wedding party so that people can easily get in touch. Believe me, you won’t want a million people approaching you like you’re a phone book at your rehearsal dinner. 

Next, ensure readings, vows, toasts, and anything else that needs to be printed is done a day or two beforehand! Trying to find a printer last minute or reading a toast from your phone is an etiquette faux pas. If there are important things that need to be brought to the venue (card box, guest book, favors, etc.) designate a responsible friend to organize and place these items appropriately.


You probably know this one already, but be prepared for “day of” emergencies with a good bridal kit. Make your own or find them on Etsy! I always bring band aids, perfume, bobby pins, stain remover, blotting papers, gum and tissues. On that note, make sure to designate fifteen minutes to eat while getting ready and be sure to drink enough water— you’re going to want to feel confident and radiant during your ceremony, not wobbly and nauseous.  Getting ready with your girls is definitely more fun with a good playlist and a wireless speaker— so have your bestie set something up in advance (and make sure songs are appropriate enough for Grandma!)


Lastly, please, please, please do yourself a favor and have a rain plan in place. Weather is a major stressor for many brides, but it doesn’t have to be! Knowing you have solid plan in case of inclement weather will free up your mind for the upcoming celebration. With all the logistics and details organized in advanced, you’ll be free to spend the precious hours before your wedding sipping mimosas and bonding with your babes. Now that’s a wedding day well planned. 


Finding the peace within change

It’s often said that the only consistent in life is change, and as a person in their mid twenties, I can definitely contest to that statement! Moving, dating, career changes, etc. are ever present, and while change is often a positive growth, it can also add chaos to your day to day life while you get settled in your new state of mind!

I’ve found during times of change-induced stress, I need self-care more than ever! Bring on the yoga, journaling, and endless cups of tea. Here are a few of my favorite ways to overcome stress with a peaceful state of mind:  

1. Cherish simple routines

  • One of my favorite ways to add stabilization to a hectic day, especially if you’re in a new place, is by finding simple routines to do. Some of my favorite routines are ones I can do from anywhere. For example, you could start your day with hot water and lemon, do sun salutations in the morning, or try to meditate before bed    

2. Meditate

  • Speaking of meditating... it's the perfect way to ground yourself, and find peace amidst change and chaos. With apps, it’s easier than ever to meditate, and can be done from anywhere, for as long as works with your schedule. My go-to meditation apps are Headspace, Simple Habit, and Buddify. Let me know in the comments if you have another app you prefer!

3. Find moments for yourself

  • The most important thing, especially if you are in a new relationship or job, is finding moments where you can reconnect with yourself, and allow time to process and reflect. This could be setting a daily reminder, taking a walk during work, or going electronics free one night a week.

4. Offer yourself grace & patience

  • Above all else, cut yourself some slack. Adapting to new routines, new roles, and new relationships takes a ton of mental energy, and it is important you offer love & patience to yourself during this time! Let yourself sleep in, indulge in your netflix guilty pleasures, and treat yourself when needed.

Best of luck navigating periods of change, we are here for you! 




Lilia: Staying Balanced Throughout Wedding Season


Two weeks after getting engaged, I found myself crying nightly and having panic attacks about the wedding! I was getting asked about the wedding every day by different friends, being harassed about dates, venues, and guest list by my mother, and feeling confused about why people even get married in the first place (it’s just more money to spend and unwanted stress, so I thought)... Don’t worry- that feeling was short lived once I decided I needed a better way of handling the madness.


Here are three ways to stay balanced throughout wedding planning:


  1. Gratitude

Show gratitude daily. The fact that you are surrounded in love and get to enjoy the stresses of wedding planning mean that you’re much better off than the majority of this world. Yes, it’s stressful. And Yes, you are lucky to have this type of stress. The more gratitude you show, the more your attitude surrounding the wedding will change.


2.  Designated wedding planning times

When I first got engaged, family members would call me throughout the day to talk about the wedding. Even though I work remotely (not from an office) and have the flexibility to take phone calls mid-day, it was way too difficult for me to go from wedding planning mode/stress back to work mode. I had to set boundaries for myself by not letting myself talk about the wedding until after work, or choose designated times that I was open to talking about it!


3. Yoga

How surprised are you that yoga is mentioned here?!

Create a daily yoga practice to help you stay calm, grounded, and ready for the big day! If I haven’t had my yoga practice in for the day, I’m probably still in bitch mode. Once I get that yoga in my body, my perspective and attitude changes and blossoms into the person I want to be!