Olivia: 3 Ways Yoga Can Enhance your Sex Life

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I truly think yoga is one of the best things you can do for you wellbeing. Speaking from personal experience, it has improved my quality of life in countless ways, and I know I am not alone in this belief.

Yoga promotes balance, helps you disconnect from the distractions of everyday life...and spices up the bedroom? Stay with me here.

1. Body Awareness

When you practice yoga, you bring awareness to every part of the body. You learn how to activate certain muscles, what it feels like to stretch typically ignored areas, and feel what movements feel like at a variety of speeds. Throughout all of this movement, you are taking in information about what feels good in your body. By recognizing the unique composition of your body, you are able to recognize what feels good in your body (on the mat or in the bedroom), and be able to vocalize your preferences!

2. Self Love

With my personal sex life, I have a really hard time getting in the mood if i’m not feeling good about myself! Whenever I am tired, bloated, or experiencing something putting me in a less than stellar mood, I struggle to initiate sex, and have a hard time getting in the mood when my partner does. Luckily, yoga has helped improve this aspect of my life in multiple ways. Yoga has empowered me to appreciate everything my body does, and not get hung up on outside appearances. Regardless of if I’m having a bad hair day, or unexpected breakout, yoga helps me feel sexy by loving every part of my body, helping me experience a boost of positive through endorphins, and getting out of my own head. Through breathwork, positive mantras, and reflection, I am able to separate myself from negative situations in my life, and fully arrive to my relationship and full of live.

3. Flexibility

I know, I know, this one is a no brainer. But it’s an obvious statement because it’s true! By increasing your flexibility you’re able to confidently experiment with new poses in the bedroom, allowing you to build new connections with your partner and explore what feels the best in your body.

My sexual encounters are the best when I’m feeling empowered, confident, and comfortable. Yoga has definitely helped me tap into this mindset more freely, and I hope it does the same for you!