Five ways Reiki Can Help You Overcome Wedding Stress

Stephanie and her partner on their wedding day!

Stephanie and her partner on their wedding day!

Stephanie, one of our amazing Reiki practitioners (and past bride) is here to share all the benefits of Reiki for brides to be! Enjoy xx

Reiki is an amazing healing practice I use everyday, but I find it particularly beneficial for brides while planning their wedding. Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing, also known as “energy healing” or “bodywork.” The word “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words. Loosely translated, “Rei” is the Universe or higher power, and “Ki” is the life force energy. Therefor, Reiki means to utilize the universal life force energy to heal and balance, mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is a resource available to all, and when activated by a trained healer can be very powerful and effective. A Reiki session feels like a calming meditation utilizing light touch and intuition to heal, balance, and strengthen your energy centers keeping you aligned and in control.

As wonderful and beautiful a process it is to plan a wedding, it can also bring on stress, lower your immune system, and leave you feeling unbalanced and off. It’s also common to lose your voice,and sense of self, while trying to put others feelings above your own, making it incredibly easy to get lost in the process. This is all very normal, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of Reiki. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with brides almost everyday as a certified Reiki Master, couples meditation guide, and bridal stylist. Continue reading for what I’ve found are the top five challenges brides face, and how Reiki can help.

1- Stress + overwhelm

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by planning your wedding, you are not alone. In fact, stress is the #1 challenge my clients complain of. It can become very easy to shut down, plow through, and dim all of your natural senses and intuition. Planning a wedding should bring you just as much joy as celebrating on your big day. Reiki is used to balance, cleanse, and strengthen your energy centers by clearing all the excess noise so you are able to look at each decision with your entire mind and body. It releases all the little things that aren’t serving your greatest good or higher self, so you can easily access your beautiful intuition, and make decisions from a place of strength and clarity. This means seeing the full picture crystal clear, making decisions you feel good about without second guessing. Planning a wedding can be a very special time for you and your fiancé to reconnect in your new roles. Reiki allows you to slow down, take a step back, a deep breath, and solidify that beautiful connection with your partner. 

2- Lowered immune system/ physical healing

If you’re anything like me, a big deadline can mean working yourself to the bone with packed days, long nights, and not enough sleep.  I understand, we all do it, even though it’s not in our best interest physically. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it doesn’t just put a band aid on your illness or fatigue. It goes beneath the illness and discomfort, and finds the root of the problem while working with you to heal it from the inside out. Sometimes this may require a little more effort, meaning there might be some letting go, crying, or release, but in the end it’s all worth it! You let go of all the things that have been holding you back, and stand tall on your big day with NOTHING in your way!

3- Feeling out of balance.

Our body and energy centers strive to keep themselves in balance as we go through our lives, but even a trained yogi can fall out of balance very easily. Balance is a tricky thing in that it can be very subtle, especially when you aren’t focusing on it.  Sometimes being out of balance just means your intuition is a little off, and your days aren’t running as smoothly. Other times it can disrupt everything you do leaving you with a sense of emptiness, disorder, and chaos. Reiki helps by working with your seven chakras (or energy centers) that run through the middle of your body. These chakras start at the top of your head (crown) and run all the way down to the bottom of your spine (the root), each representing a different emotional and energetic state.

We use all of our chakras to make decisions, find our creativity, cultivate strength, heighten our voice, and connect with both the universe and the earth. But for us ladies, the heart is sometimes the most important. Our heart chakra is the source of love, compassion, trust, and integrity. It is where we receive, give, and feel love. A wonderful and important tool for balance and harmony. But when the heart is closed or working too hard overcompensating for other parts of your body, it can cause instability and unhappiness. Reiki works to open the heart, and redistribute energy, leaving you feeling refreshed, balanced, and most importantly soaking up all those beautiful loving vibes circling your wedding.

4- Losing sense of self

The funny thing about this, is that sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. Sometimes amidst it all we can feel pulled in many directions. Be it family, friends, planners, vendors, etc… All well meaning amazing people who “just want to help.” There is a fine line between being open and appreciative, and completely losing your sense of self, and what YOU want. This can happen in all aspects of planning from something very small like deciding what kind of coffee to serve, to much bigger decisions like venue, dress, or vibe. They can all add up keeping you from feeling whole and strong. Reiki has a special way of understanding what areas are lacking or feeling weak and then strengthening them with fresh new energy. For a lot of women their throat chakra can become weakened as they lose their voice both physically and energetically. Speaking proudly and confidently is very important to keep this energy center aligned with our needs and best interest. Reiki wants you to be the strongest version of yourself speaking loudly and sure of yourself, so you can make decisions that align with YOU for your special day. 

5- Staying in the moment

Last but certainly not least is our ability to stay in the moment. With people, responsibilities, and constant deadlines looming it can be too easy to rush, gloss over, or energetically skip a few steps within the process. What we almost always forget is the real reason behind everything we do to plan a wedding, and that is your amazing partner and the love you share. Holding onto your “Why,” and the feeling you get when you think about your fiancé should be the driving force behind every decision made. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, however for me, it feels like pure love. That intense euphoric feeling that is almost indescribable. Reiki opens you up so you can feel though your whole body again, and not just the little piece demanding attention. It allows you to see the bigger picture by becoming more in tuned with your senses, feelings, and atmosphere. This means you are free to appreciate all the beauty within every decision and experience that lies ahead when planning your wedding. All the glorious bounty in the flowers you are smelling, the incredible taste of every dessert you try, and the amazing beauty and detail that lie ahead in every venue you tour. This is just the beginning, imagine seeing the beauty, and feeling the Reiki love in every decision you make. The experience is one to cherish.

Finding Reiki when I was planning my wedding was a game-changer. It kept me grounded and able to disassociate myself from all the stress and overwhelm. It kept me present in the moment so I didn’t miss a thing, but most importantly, honest with myself about who I am, what I want, and what I need to make my day perfect. My life has been so profoundly touched by this practice, and I am sharing with all you beautiful brides out there who feel drawn to learn more. If this information resonates with you, I encourage you to explore how Reiki can benefit your wedding, and more importantly your life. You deserve the best! 

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