Your Guide to Holistic Wedding Planning

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Lilia and Olivia here! So excited that you’re bringing wellness into your wedding journey. Lilia (left) got engaged last year, and Olivia (right) was her bridesmaid. While it looks we are full of sparkles all the time, Lilia actually cried every night for one week of her wedding planning process.

It was more emotional and stressful than she'd anticipated (even for a yoga teacher) and she felt guilty for being stressed during such a loving time. Olivia got to hear the brunt of this, which is how we ended up creating wedwell.

We've created this guide to help you avoid breakdowns, embrace your engagement, and be the healthiest version of yourself possible (including mental health!). Even if your wedding is more than a year away or you're not having a traditional wedding, these wellness practices are great to incorporate in your life asap.

Your Seven-Step Guide to Holistic Wedding Planning

Step 1: Protect Your Energy

Being engaged means nonstop wedding talk from the day of your proposal until the day of your wedding. While it’s SO exciting, it can also be draining after the twentieth time you have to explain details of the wedding that you’ve barely had time to explore yourself! During your engagement, it’s absolutely key to protect your energy from unwanted opinions and exhaustion! While you won’t be able to stop people from giving their opinions, you can control how you react and handle these situations.

Tips for protecting your energy:

  • Designate time each day for yourself (without your cell phone) to unwind, reflect, and take a break from thinking about the wedding.

Maybe it’s a yoga break, or tea with a friend you can count on to not ask a million wedding questions - whatever it is, make sure you have this wind down period every day!

  • If you are planning your wedding with your family’s involvement, set a designated time to have wedding conversations.

For example, make every Sunday from 4-7pm be wedding planning time (or whatever date and time work for you). Otherwise, you may find yourself thinking and talking about the wedding right before an important meeting or event, and it may totally throw you off!

  • Enter each conversation with peace and a mantra.

Use a mantra to avoid the challenges that planning a beautiful wedding can encounter. If there are disagreements with family members of certain aspects of the wedding, it is easy to enter the conversation from a state of defense. Try to think of the end outcome you want to achieve (i.e. coming to an agreement) and let that drive your mindset.

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Step 2: Build Rituals
Building rituals throughout your day is a great way to cultivate energy, provide self-care, build habits, and feel in control of your life choices. There are many opportunities during the day to build rituals, but for those just starting, we recommend experimenting with different rituals to begin and end your day.

Tips for building your rituals

  • Make it manageable.

Take into account your existing routines and obligations, then build your ritual around those commitments. If you usually have to be in the office on the early side, it could be worth exploring mid-day/evening rituals to get as much sleep as possible!

  • Try one new thing at a time

Go easy on yourself, and don't try to add a whole bunch of elements at once. Add one step at a time, and offer yourself patience .

  • Treat yourself!

Building new habits takes time, and it's important to celebrate the little wins along the way! If you're aiming to start each day with a healthy breakfast, buy yourself a yummy drink after five successful mornings.

Ritual Inspiration

  • Incorporate daily meditations to start your day

  • Find a skincare routine that makes your bathroom feel like a spa, and take the time every morning to appreciate getting ready.

  • Drink warm water to begin each day, prepping your digestive system for the day ahead.

  • Build a getting ready playlist filled with positive songs to get pumped up for the day.

  • Take a 5-10 minute walk around your neighborhood, or to your first morning obligation, connecting with your surroundings.

Step 3: Stretch for Confidence

Confidence is extra important for brides-to-be because:

  1. You are making huge decisions about your wedding (and potentially going up against the status quo), which means you need to stand up for yourself and believe in your ideas.

  2. You will be the center of attention (eek!) and need to own it.

  3. Your posture benefits your health, and also your wedding photos!

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Use the following poses to build confidence:

Claim Energy. (V Arms above your head)

Why? This power pose automatically brings more confidence and energy rushing through our bodies.

How? Stand up straight and bring your arms in a V shape above your arms - hold for at least 10 seconds.

Find Balance. (Tree with Back Arch)

Why? This pose has us standing tall, balancing, and opening our heart.

How? Stand tall with soft knees, bend left knee and open from hip out to the left. Keep the hip open and place your left foot inside right thigh or shin. Interlace your hands behind the sacrum and use each inhale to lift chest a bit higher and each exhale to lengthen through tail bone and lean back a little bit. Repeat on the other side.

Build Strength. (Downward Dog)

Why? This pose gets us to open the shoulders and stretch open the spine to help improve our posture.

How? From table top position, tuck your toes, straighten your legs and lift your hips toward the ceiling. Spread your fingers and keep your spine

Step 5: Practice Daily Meditation

Planning your wedding means you are setting up for one of the most important days of your life! While the event itself is rooted in love, the buildup beforehand can mean lots of errands, purchases, and stress! However, there are tons of things in your control that you can do to ease the stress surrounding your big day, and my personal favorite is cultivating a meditation practice. Mastering the art of personal meditation allows you to turn anywhere (the car,wedding dress fitting, your office, etc.) into a relaxing environment. But like any art form, it takes some creativity, practice, and an open mind.

Tips for starting a meditation practice

  • Make it a part of your daily ritual. Start your morning with a five- minute visualization of the day ahead, or use it to help get wind down before bed.

  • Set an intention for your meditation practice. Find phrases that manifest that intention (i.e. positive phrases if your intention is to feel happy) and repeat those phrases as you meditate. Have all visualization be set in a future state. To overcome wedding stress, give yourself a mental walk through of the big day, with everything going smoothly.

  • Set a timer! We love to set mini goals for how long we want to meditate, but keeping track of time often pulls us out of our zen moment. This is also a great way to build up to meditating for longer periods of time.

  • Leave yourself a reminder. Often times, busy days are the ones we forget to meditate, and those are the days we need it the most! Offer yourself patience while getting started. Meditation is hard! It’s easy to let your mind wander, get bored, or feel like time is crawling by. When you feel your mind start to stray just refocus on your intention and breathe.

Step 6: Focus on inner beauty


We often times associate our beauty with superficial aspects, such as our makeup, hair, and what we wear. Focusing on these elements alone can create unneeded pressure to look flawless. While getting bridal ready can be fun and glamorous, the process often overshadows where real beauty is developed; within (duh!). Develop your beauty from the inside out prior to your wedding day with some simple, yet highly effective techniques.

Our favorite ways to focus on inner beauty

  • Start your morning with hot water and lemon. This combo helps detox your body (aka get rid of waste) which allows our body to digest better and release toxins out of body that get in the way of making us glow.

  • Make skincare something to look forward too. Find a skincare routine that works for you! Olivia loves Korean skincare, and Lilia follows traditional Ayurveda skincare practices. Build self-love towards yourself with no makeup on! Find things you love about your look totally make-up free, and if you can't completely detach from makeup, find natural products to subtly enhance your natural beauty. BB cream and cheek/lip tints are a great way to add some glow to your everyday look.

  • Avoid dieting at all costs. Dieting is ineffective for our bodies. As soon as you stop, the weight comes back on (known as yo-yo dieting). Dieting is also awful for our self-esteem and mindset since you’re focused on a number, rather than your overall health. Dieting pre-wedding can cause fatigue and dehydration.. Choose a healthy and nutritional diet that works for your body, keeps you nourished, and helps you be energized! Trust us, you’ll need all the energy you can get

Step 7: Keep your perspective


While wedding planning, it’s easy to think your wedding is the only thing that matters in your life. Every detail may seem like it’s life changing (what color bridesmaid dresses to choose, what veil to wear, what gifts to add to your registry)! It’s your big day and it should be celebrated. But while doing so, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, like the fact you're marrying your best friend, or what's going on in the world around you. We are all little pieces of stardust in a huge galaxy, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep sight of your love that’s in front of you and practice gratitude to keep you grounded.

Thanks for reading loves! We wish you all the best on your journey to your special day. For additional planning support, or help on booking a wellness session, schedule a call with our wellness concierge here!