The Experience : Psychic at my Bachelorette Party

The Experience: Psychic

The Location: Austin, Texas

The Set Up: My sister/Maid of Honor surprised me at my Bachelorette Party with this activity

The Takeaway: Actually the best bonding piece of my bachelorette party!



Picture this, it’s 3:50pm and all my friends are running around the house anxiously getting ready for the next surprise activity they planned for my bachelorette party in Austin, Texas. The doorbell rang and I had no idea what was happening next. Could it be strippers?!

As I walked downstairs, I saw a woman dressed in all white who made herself comfortable by surrounding herself with crystals and tarot cards in the dining room of our adorable airbnb in Austin, Texas.

“Hi! I’m your psychic for today! All the girls will take turns receiving 15-minute readings. Before we start, take time to meditate on three questions you’d like to ask.“

YESSS! This is SO cool. I’ve actually never been to a psychic before, even though I’ve always been curious whenever I walk by those stand alone psychic storefronts.

While the psychic started giving everyone individual readings, the rest of the girls and myself started drinking rose on the patio and gifting me with lingerie. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. Bachelorette parties are the best and everyone should get married for the sole purpose of experiencing this. ;)

Before we started, everyone had so many feelings and emotions since this experience was also new for everyone else. Thoughts that came up for people: “What do I do if she tells me something bad will happen? What should I ask? Will it work? Do you believe in psychics?”

The amazing part of doing this experience was the conversation and bonding that happened while all of us were outside hanging out while one person was doing the reading. Whenever someone came out, we’d all listen intently as the person shared their experience, and would laugh or listen empathetically with what was being said. It helped people open up amongst each other, and was the easiest way to open up meaningful discussions, while still being goofy and admittedly a little tipsy off the rose.

When I went in for my reading, the psychic had such a calming energy. She gave me some interesting insights: she saw a happy marriage between my fiance and I, and that we were married in a past life (totally believe it). She chatted about my spirit guides, the spirits and children she saw around me, and even said I had a bit of clairvoyance I could tap into more if I tried.

My reading was sweet and loving, compared with some of the intense responses I heard from my friends. One girl had a reading that was spot on, telling her that she knew it was extra difficult for her to move on from her on and off again ex because they also had issues in a past life. Another girl was told she had “whale energy.” This had us all laughing for a good ten minutes and confusing google with a million searches of what “whale energy” meant.

Overall, I’d say this was actually the best bonding piece of my bachelorette party. We had the most incredible time and it was so amazing for us to share that experience together, which was a first for all of us. Even better than strippers, ha! Truly my ideal pre-game for our night out ;)