Staying in Control by Learning to Let Go

On your wedding day, it can be tempting to micromanage every little detail. It is,
after all, your day, right?! You want it to be EXACTLY how you envisioned it. That is
natural. However, throughout the process, it is important to remember that life is
FULL of curveballs and in the wedding planning process there is a huge margin for
error always, and it is important (and yes, possible) to oversee your wedding
planning while also going with the flow.


Stuff happens. We know this from every day life. Why would that fact of life change just because it is your wedding? **Hint: it doesn’t (no matter how badly we want it
Wedwell is based very deeply in mental wellness because the stress of a planning a wedding and entering a marriage is A LOT. Sometimes you just have to
say to yourself, “this is a lot for me, and that’s okay.” I think we tend to work ourselves into a frenzy trying to manage every last detail—the fact is, that doesn’t make us feel better, it often makes us feel worse. Because we are, in fact, not in total control. A wedding involves so many people, so many moving parts, and so many emotions. They aren’t all yours to bear. You are better off if you can recognize that
early on.

Living a balanced life entails staying in control of what you can, and letting go of
what you cannot. The same is true of your wedding day (though it may be much
more difficult to let go). Though we cannot choose how we feel, we can choose how
we enter a situation, and the things we are attached to. We recommend walking into
wedding planning with a balanced and clear mindset: what are you attached to, and
what are you not attached to? This will allow both you and your partner to find a
clear compromise with minimal stress. Some of our favorite ways to enter a balanced                                                        mindset are talking a walk around the block (bonus points for leaving your phone at home),                                        meditating ,and writing a gratitude list.

Let us know how you find a calm mindset in the comments!