The Experience: New Home Blessing for Newlyweds


The Experience: New Home Blessing with wedwell’s modern day shaman, Elli

The Location: My apartment in Seattle, WA

The Set Up: I cleaned my apartment beforehand, had lit some candles, and made sure to clear all the clutter. Then Elli came over and brought her sound bowls, palo santo, and energy :)

The Takeaway: Super unique experience to set intention and clear any energy in your home

Elli with the drum in my living room.

Elli with the drum in my living room.

My husband and I recently got married, and we just moved into our first newlywed apartment one month ago! I wanted this new transition of moving cities (from Brooklyn to Seattle) to feel special, welcoming, and intentional. As I’ve always been a believer in energy healing, having personally felt the beautiful effect of awareness on energy, I thought this would be the perfect experience as we move into our apartment (and I was not wrong!).

Elli entered the home and then we spent the next hour together clearing the space. She had used sound healing, mantras, and chanting to clear energy - and if all of this sounds too metaphysical for you, Elli will explain all of what she’s doing and why in the session, so need to worry! While she went around the home smudging the rooms and corners, I sat meditating and worked to be present in the experience. Luckily, she said our home felt quite clear (which I believe to be true since not many people have occupied my apartment before me!).

If you are looking to make more space in your home or want to gift newlyweds with a unique experience, I can attest that this one is quite magical and much more interesting than another set of moscow mule mugs ;)

Today, we get to hear from Elli herself on the importance of this experience, and everything else you need to know.


Q: Why would you recommend someone to do home clearing and blessing?

This is a beautiful opportunity to honor your home as a sacred space and intentionally address the energy of the space. There may be stagnant energy or even entities from previous owners, tenants or the land. Also, there is energy from your own thought forms, negative emotions or stress etc. that you’ve brought in or experienced in the space, that can be cleared. Once the energy is cleared, blessing the space with intentions and prayers of love, alignment, harmony, health, prosperity, happiness and anything you desire, will powerfully energize the space. 

Q: How did you first get into energy healing?

Through my own healing journey of multiple traumatic brain injuries. 

Q: What would you tell someone interested in trying it?

If you are curious, or your guidance is giving you a “yes” to do a house blessing, or you are sensing that something could be cleared or you just want to improve the energy of the space, then go for it! 

Q: Is there anything that would be good to know before trying something like this? 

Setting sacred space, intention, and prayer are very potent practices to shift energy. As are the clearing techniques using herbs or wood to smudge and sound - using crystal bowls, drum or rattle to shift the frequency.  There are also practices and techniques you can use to up-keep your space energetically, that you can learn during your session. 

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