wedwell q&a with energy reader, Becky

Ever wondered the ins and outs of an intuitive’s lives? They always appear so mysterious and mystical - and we’re here to shed light on the fascinating lives of our healers. This week we are introducing Becky, an intuitive energy healer who teaches people how to empower themselves so that they can connect to the infinite intelligence within. Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.

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What services do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service? I am an intuitive energy healer, which means I combine Cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki and massage with intuitive information that I get from the body to help the client move through energetic and emotional blocks. I also give tarot and astrology readings, and I am a teacher. I love to guide and empower people to find their way to healing and health. 

How did you get into wellness? I have been on a personal journey of healing since I was in art school where I started looking at myself and my interactions with others. I then went to massage school where I went deep into health and wellness. I am endlessly curious about life and how we as humans can live our fullest lives. So all that I learn and study turns into tools for health and wellness for me and others. 

What is your favorite routine? I love to walk around Greenlake (in Seattle). It quickly connects me back with nature and it helps to ground and clear my energy. I am always amazed that a place in the center of Seattle can be so powerful.

What is your go-to song to help you feel happy?
I am really into Trevor Hall these days. My favorite song right now is ‘Moon/Sun’. I love that it brings in astrology. love and the interconnectedness of all life. Plus, he is amazing to see in person.

What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?
When life is coming at me fast and furious I frequently say to myself, ‘Just keep swimming’ from Finding Nemo. It is simple and sweet and to the point.

Do you have one person that has inspired your wellness journey?
My teacher Marie Manuchehri has been the person who has inspired me the most. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who has high integrity. She is direct and clear and she helped guide me to trust my intuition and open my senses to the worlds beyond the physical.

What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?
You deserve to see the truth of who you are, to live with ease and understand that with a simple shift in energy, you have the power to reconnect to your higher purpose.

Thanks for reading! You can book a wedwell session with Becky here.