wedwell q&a with health coach Salima

Happy Monday! This week it is our pleasure to introduce Salima, one of wedwell’s amazing health coaches. Salima came to the wellness industry after leaving the corporate world (where she also got her MBA!), so she fully understands the importance of feeling good inside and out, especially at work. Upon leaving her 9-5, Salima received her holistic nutrition certification at Bauman College, and offers a range of services- helping you with everything from a fully customized health coaching, to building your grocery lists! Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.

1. What service do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service?

I am a certified nutrition coach and I offer health coaching and meal planning services. I work with my clients to help them put a plan in place to help them reach their health goals whether it is eliminating stress, managing chronic illness, weight loss, or just improving general well-being. So much of my work is listening and questioning habits my clients have created for themselves. I love when I can ask the right question that makes my client have an "AHA" moment about a behavior that does not serve them, and they are able to then work to shift and grow from that moment.

2. How did you get into wellness?

I first got excited about nutrition and food as a kid. I grew up in a pretty health-conscious household where my mom never had fun foods like Dunkaroos or Lunchables, but it instilled in us an appreciation of good, whole foods. I was always in the kitchen with her and my grandmother, watching and learning how to make family meals. Food is a love language and the act of eating together, celebrating delicious food, is so powerful! Going to college, I had "food freedom" for the first time, and I struggled between eating too much, too little, and losing sight of what it was to eat foods that made me feel my best. My lifestyle and eating habits changed yet again after school. I traveled for work every week, and I did not make my health or mental health my priority. Something had to give, I had to reconnect with my body, my mind, and my self-worth, so I left my corporate job, moved to LA, and worked to heal myself. I re-discovered my passion for food and physical movement, and realized how connected body and mind are. Wellness is a constantly evolving journey, one that ebbs and flows with different phases in your life, and I am committed to helping my clients navigate their own paths!

3. What is your favorite routine? This could be daily, weekly, or monthly- just something you do on a regular basis that brings you joy!

Coffee shop work. I do most of my work from home, so going to a coffee shop gives me a daily dose of more than caffeine! I love the atmosphere, the chatter, and the clink of cups filling with coffee. I find I am so much more productive at a cafe than at home!

4. What is your go-to song to help you feel happy? Why did you pick this song?

My song of the moment is "Saturday Sun" by Vance Joy. It always puts a smile on my face because it is my husband and my first dance song!

5. What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?

It is actually something my sister said once to me: "reframe your thinking, you can be your own worst enemy". I can literally hear her saying this when I am feeling down. I have to work to reframe a challenge I am facing into an opportunity. I try and wake up with positivity and gratitude every day, and treat the world as my oyster, and this helps me get motivated and excited for the day to come!

6. What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?

Investing in yourself is so important, and I congratulate you for taking the first step! Have patience with yourself. Changing a habit or ingrained behavior is not easy, but this is the first step to reshaping your lifestyle for the better!

Thanks for tuning in! You can find Salima on wedwell here.