wedwell q&a with relationship therapist, Risha

wedwell loves, we are SO excited to introduce a new series on our blog where you get to meet our practitioners and learn the ins & outs of these lives of wellness professionals! Today, meet Risha, a licensed therapist who combines her knowledge as a certified health coach and psychotherapy to awaken her clients to their barriers to happiness in life, and great love and harmony in all of their relationships. Risha is a therapist we have the pleasure of featuring on wedwell, and we love her holistic way of working with individuals and couples. Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.



1. What service do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service?

Therapy + coaching. Relationship and communication support in all areas! A more holistic approach to healing wounds and growing. My favorite part is being able to watch people grow and change and feel some relief from stress. So many people feel so alone in their struggle and giving them even just a few moments of not feeling alone is pretty amazing. 

2. How did you get into wellness?

I was born at home, and my mom was pretty alternative for that time. She didn't give us fluoride and things like sugar and junk food were seriously limited. I became interested in women's health in college and really started looking at diet and lifestyle and the impact of chemicals on our bodies, etc. After grad school and becoming a therapist, I went through IIN and another nutrition program and started to look at therapy as something that should be much more holistic as well. 

3. What is your favorite routine? This could be daily, weekly, or monthly- just something you do on a regular basis that brings you joy!

This is such a small thing, but I really love different types of face masks! They make me feel like I'm getting a little facial/wellness treatment in my own home. I also just love to go to the farmer's markets on the weekends. It reminds me of my small-town upbringing and makes me feel safe and alive. 

4. What is your go-to song to help you feel happy? Why did you pick this song?

This is tough...I love music, so it's hard to choose one! It probably changes all the time. But 80's or early 90's upbeat, emotional songs that I know all the words to. I picked it because I know all the words and can sing and dance to them! 

5. What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?

There are so many amazing quotes out there, but here's one that I recently wrote that resonates with me every day: "I'm not trying to 'find' myself. I'm trying to get comfortable enough to let myself out." The applies to me, and to all my clients. Always. I believe that everyone knows their authentic self, but struggle to feel safe exposing it. 

6. Do you have one person that has inspired your wellness journey? This could be someone you know personally, or someone you have followed.

Marie Forleo. She's in the business world, but seems very aligned with the wellness world. I find her to be very authentic and sincere, humble and real. I don't know her personally, but I always connect with her messages. 

7. What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?

Be open. Be honest. Be clear. My goal is always to be supportive and to create a safe and non-judgmental space for growth. The more open a person can be, the more they'll grow. Let's try to figure out all out together! 

Thanks for tuning in! You can find Risha on wedwell here.