Welcome October: New Month Rituals

Welcome October: New Month Rituals

One of my favorite things about the start of a new month (even better when it's combined with the start of a new season) is the chance to establish your intentions for the month and determine how you want to greet the upcoming days.

 At the start of every month I follow the same rituals. I invite you to try these rituals, and send me any other things you love to do to welcome a new phase!


Make a monthly playlist.

This is one of my all-time favorite things to do! Starting on the first day of the month I make a new playlist titled the month (super creative- I know), and start adding songs. I then continue to add songs throughout the month, and definitely listen to this playlist everyday. Music is one of my favorite ways to  express myself, and finding songs I connect with helps me work through different emotions in my life. Going back through old month playlists also helps me reflect on how I've felt in different times throughout the past year, and lets me reconnect with old song favorites!

Clean, prep, and organize.

September brought lots of travel, plans, and transitions. While this was an extremely fun month, I woke up this morning excited to settle in to my apartment and take a few days to ground at home. To welcome October I plan to sort through fall clothes and put away any summer outfits still out and about, reorganize my pantry, and prep to make all sorts of cozy fall goodies! So much energy is lost when we need to spend time sorting through clutter, and by welcoming each month with a fresh start you are giving yourself the chance to reclaim some much needed head space.

Set Monthly Intentions

Intention setting is one of my most favorite things to do. So often I feel overwhelmed with how quickly time passes, and I've found that intentions (much like my playlists) are a great way for me to express how I'm feeling each month, and where I want to put my energy. While my intentions differ from month to month, I try to always tap into the following themes:

  • Any changes I can make to more authentically show up in my relationships (i.e. listen more, or always see the best in someone's actions).

  • One thing I can do to live a healthier life (i.e. practice more lagree, or meditate daily)

  • New creative endeavors I want to explore (i.e. attend a dance class, or try photography)

 How do you like to greet each month? I'm always looking for new ways to connect with the present moment, and would love to hear your favorite rituals for welcoming change!