Wedding Stress-Relief 101: Create Your Self-Care Routine with wedwell Bridal Therapist


Wedding Stress Relief 101: Create Your Self-Care Routine

Self-care is popping up all over the place lately – everywhere from our newsfeeds to our social calendar; our board meetings to our medical appointments – but what the heck is it?! A mani-pedi? A shopping spree? A green juice? A 3 week yoga retreat in Bali?

Answer: Yes… No... Sometimes... For some people... In some circumstances... But not usually.

Better answer: Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Self-care is not a particularly complicated concept, though it can often be overlooked and undervalued, which is where things can get problematic over time. Rule #1 about self-care is that there is no one right way to do it, but there are a few general requirements, which are necessary to incorporate when figuring out your own version of self-care. Here are the 5 requirements of practicing self-care:

1. Self-care: The vitamin, not the pain reliever

In my therapy practice, I often notice that people seem to get two similar concepts confused: coping skills and self-care. Both of these are similar in that they are actions that we take to care for ourselves. Sometimes they can even overlap in the specific activities or behaviors. The difference is how we use them. A coping skill is something you use to help you get through or recover after difficult or stressful time or event. For instance, you might be under a lot of pressure at work and book a massage to help you relax. You might go for a jog if you’re angry about something. You might journal if you’re coping with a breakup.

Self-care though, is a regular practice. It’s done preventatively, to maintain your state of wellness and to reduce your susceptibility to more intense responses to every day stress. When it comes to work, self-care can help reduce burnout. When it comes to relationships, it can help to avoid big, irreparable fights, when it comes to your health it is the preventive approach of scheduling annual physicals and flu shorts, rather than the reactive trip to urgent care after that unaddressed splinter/cough/headache has turned into a full-blown infection/flu/chronic migraines.

Self-care is the preventative daily vitamin. Coping skills are the ibuprofen we take when we have that inevitable headache and need something to feel better in the moment. Both are important, but different.

2. Self-care is: Multi-dimensional

When we responded to the first question about self-care with our very broad answer of “Yes. No. sometimes. For some people. In some circumstances. But not usually.” It’s because yes, a green juice, a manicure, and yoga are all ways we can take care of ourselves, but these are all examples of only one category of self-care: physical self-care. When we are setting intentions around how we take care of ourselves, it’s important to look at our holistic selves; we are more than just physical beings. I like to look at self-care across 5 domains: (1) physical, (2) emotional, (3) spiritual, (4) social, and (5) professional.

Examples of emotional self-care include: taking time off when you need it, expressing your feelings, maintaining a comfortable home environment.

Examples of spiritual self-care include: spending time with nature, reflecting on personal values, participating in causes that are important to you.

Examples of social self-care include: spending time with people you like, asking others for help when you need it, saying no to extra responsibilities regularly.

Examples of professional self-care include: exploring ways to improve professional skills, taking on projects that are interesting and rewarding, taking breaks throughout the workday.

Some less trendy and less talked about examples of physical self-care include: eating regularly, wearing comfortable clothing, and going to preventative medical appointments.

Important note! To be a good self-caregiver, you do not need to do all things in every category every day! (More on self-care planning in #5)

3. Self-care is: Intentional + mindful

If you take this self-care assessment, you might find that you’re already practicing a lot of self-care! One thing that can take us from self-care novices to self-care gurus is incorporating intention and mindfulness into our practice.


I’ll use the example of a manicure to lay this one out:

Having intention around a manicure as self-care is scheduling one ahead of time and perhaps at regular intervals if it’s something that makes you happy. By scheduling it ahead of time, you are intentionally giving yourself the benefit of looking forward to the activity and ensuring it’s during a time where you can truly appreciate it as 30 minutes of time dedicated to making you feel good.

Being mindful about your manicure means that you’re present while you’re there. You’re not checking emails as you switch hands. You’re valuing this as a relaxing time for yourself. Noticing all the wonderful sensations that come with sitting still, grooming your body, and relishing a 30 second massage, on each of your ten digits.

These qualities can be infused into any of your efforts toward self-care. The opposite of mindful and intentional is mindless and unintentional!

5. Self-care is: A plan that evolves over time

The best self-caregivers have a plan to incorporate regular efforts of self-love. The best plans are ones in which self-care practices are evenly distributed across the different categories, and laid out at various, realistic frequencies. That looks different for everyone. For some, journaling might be an every day thing. For others it might be a weekly practice. For someone else, they might not ever journal. All of it is okay. This is about what works for YOU.

Self-care plans are not rigid!! You might need to revamp your plan every once in awhile to adapt to your changing needs. Maybe you start a new job and your schedule changes. Maybe you’re planning a wedding and have different needs and stresses. Plan to check in with yourself and reflect on if the plan makes sense.

Because I am a wedding therapist, I have developed a self-care assessment and planner with a whole new category on wedding-focused self-care. Examples of wedding self-care practices include: carving out [intentional] time to work on wedding-related tasks; avoiding pressure from social media about what you should do or have at your wedding; setting healthy boundaries with friends and family. For the full list, download my wedding self-care assessment here!

Self-care Isn’t: Selfish

Our favorite self-care metaphor is that you have to put your own oxygen mask on before helping the person next to you. This means that if you don’t take care of yourself, how can you ever show up for the people you love? Deliberately taking care of our mental, emotional, and physical health helps to combat burnout, enhance relationships, reduce stress, and boost self-esteem. It’s not a one or two-time thing. It’s a practice built and adapted over time.

Download our wedding self-care assessment and enjoy!


This article is guest-written by Landis, wedwell’s Bridal Therapist and founder of AisleTalk. Landis graduated with masters degrees in counseling psychology and mental health counseling from Columbia University, and holds a license to provide psychotherapy as a New York State Mental Health Counselor.

Five ways Reiki Can Help You Overcome Wedding Stress

Stephanie and her partner on their wedding day!

Stephanie and her partner on their wedding day!

Stephanie, one of our amazing Reiki practitioners (and past bride) is here to share all the benefits of Reiki for brides to be! Enjoy xx

Reiki is an amazing healing practice I use everyday, but I find it particularly beneficial for brides while planning their wedding. Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing, also known as “energy healing” or “bodywork.” The word “Reiki” is a combination of two Japanese words. Loosely translated, “Rei” is the Universe or higher power, and “Ki” is the life force energy. Therefor, Reiki means to utilize the universal life force energy to heal and balance, mind, body, and spirit. Reiki is a resource available to all, and when activated by a trained healer can be very powerful and effective. A Reiki session feels like a calming meditation utilizing light touch and intuition to heal, balance, and strengthen your energy centers keeping you aligned and in control.

As wonderful and beautiful a process it is to plan a wedding, it can also bring on stress, lower your immune system, and leave you feeling unbalanced and off. It’s also common to lose your voice,and sense of self, while trying to put others feelings above your own, making it incredibly easy to get lost in the process. This is all very normal, but it doesn’t have to be with the help of Reiki. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with brides almost everyday as a certified Reiki Master, couples meditation guide, and bridal stylist. Continue reading for what I’ve found are the top five challenges brides face, and how Reiki can help.

1- Stress + overwhelm

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed by planning your wedding, you are not alone. In fact, stress is the #1 challenge my clients complain of. It can become very easy to shut down, plow through, and dim all of your natural senses and intuition. Planning a wedding should bring you just as much joy as celebrating on your big day. Reiki is used to balance, cleanse, and strengthen your energy centers by clearing all the excess noise so you are able to look at each decision with your entire mind and body. It releases all the little things that aren’t serving your greatest good or higher self, so you can easily access your beautiful intuition, and make decisions from a place of strength and clarity. This means seeing the full picture crystal clear, making decisions you feel good about without second guessing. Planning a wedding can be a very special time for you and your fiancé to reconnect in your new roles. Reiki allows you to slow down, take a step back, a deep breath, and solidify that beautiful connection with your partner. 

2- Lowered immune system/ physical healing

If you’re anything like me, a big deadline can mean working yourself to the bone with packed days, long nights, and not enough sleep.  I understand, we all do it, even though it’s not in our best interest physically. The wonderful thing about Reiki is that it doesn’t just put a band aid on your illness or fatigue. It goes beneath the illness and discomfort, and finds the root of the problem while working with you to heal it from the inside out. Sometimes this may require a little more effort, meaning there might be some letting go, crying, or release, but in the end it’s all worth it! You let go of all the things that have been holding you back, and stand tall on your big day with NOTHING in your way!

3- Feeling out of balance.

Our body and energy centers strive to keep themselves in balance as we go through our lives, but even a trained yogi can fall out of balance very easily. Balance is a tricky thing in that it can be very subtle, especially when you aren’t focusing on it.  Sometimes being out of balance just means your intuition is a little off, and your days aren’t running as smoothly. Other times it can disrupt everything you do leaving you with a sense of emptiness, disorder, and chaos. Reiki helps by working with your seven chakras (or energy centers) that run through the middle of your body. These chakras start at the top of your head (crown) and run all the way down to the bottom of your spine (the root), each representing a different emotional and energetic state.

We use all of our chakras to make decisions, find our creativity, cultivate strength, heighten our voice, and connect with both the universe and the earth. But for us ladies, the heart is sometimes the most important. Our heart chakra is the source of love, compassion, trust, and integrity. It is where we receive, give, and feel love. A wonderful and important tool for balance and harmony. But when the heart is closed or working too hard overcompensating for other parts of your body, it can cause instability and unhappiness. Reiki works to open the heart, and redistribute energy, leaving you feeling refreshed, balanced, and most importantly soaking up all those beautiful loving vibes circling your wedding.

4- Losing sense of self

The funny thing about this, is that sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening. Sometimes amidst it all we can feel pulled in many directions. Be it family, friends, planners, vendors, etc… All well meaning amazing people who “just want to help.” There is a fine line between being open and appreciative, and completely losing your sense of self, and what YOU want. This can happen in all aspects of planning from something very small like deciding what kind of coffee to serve, to much bigger decisions like venue, dress, or vibe. They can all add up keeping you from feeling whole and strong. Reiki has a special way of understanding what areas are lacking or feeling weak and then strengthening them with fresh new energy. For a lot of women their throat chakra can become weakened as they lose their voice both physically and energetically. Speaking proudly and confidently is very important to keep this energy center aligned with our needs and best interest. Reiki wants you to be the strongest version of yourself speaking loudly and sure of yourself, so you can make decisions that align with YOU for your special day. 

5- Staying in the moment

Last but certainly not least is our ability to stay in the moment. With people, responsibilities, and constant deadlines looming it can be too easy to rush, gloss over, or energetically skip a few steps within the process. What we almost always forget is the real reason behind everything we do to plan a wedding, and that is your amazing partner and the love you share. Holding onto your “Why,” and the feeling you get when you think about your fiancé should be the driving force behind every decision made. Everyone experiences Reiki differently, however for me, it feels like pure love. That intense euphoric feeling that is almost indescribable. Reiki opens you up so you can feel though your whole body again, and not just the little piece demanding attention. It allows you to see the bigger picture by becoming more in tuned with your senses, feelings, and atmosphere. This means you are free to appreciate all the beauty within every decision and experience that lies ahead when planning your wedding. All the glorious bounty in the flowers you are smelling, the incredible taste of every dessert you try, and the amazing beauty and detail that lie ahead in every venue you tour. This is just the beginning, imagine seeing the beauty, and feeling the Reiki love in every decision you make. The experience is one to cherish.

Finding Reiki when I was planning my wedding was a game-changer. It kept me grounded and able to disassociate myself from all the stress and overwhelm. It kept me present in the moment so I didn’t miss a thing, but most importantly, honest with myself about who I am, what I want, and what I need to make my day perfect. My life has been so profoundly touched by this practice, and I am sharing with all you beautiful brides out there who feel drawn to learn more. If this information resonates with you, I encourage you to explore how Reiki can benefit your wedding, and more importantly your life. You deserve the best! 

Interested? Book a service with Stephanie here!

Your Guide to Holistic Wedding Planning

ww guide 10.jpg

Lilia and Olivia here! So excited that you’re bringing wellness into your wedding journey. Lilia (left) got engaged last year, and Olivia (right) was her bridesmaid. While it looks we are full of sparkles all the time, Lilia actually cried every night for one week of her wedding planning process.

It was more emotional and stressful than she'd anticipated (even for a yoga teacher) and she felt guilty for being stressed during such a loving time. Olivia got to hear the brunt of this, which is how we ended up creating wedwell.

We've created this guide to help you avoid breakdowns, embrace your engagement, and be the healthiest version of yourself possible (including mental health!). Even if your wedding is more than a year away or you're not having a traditional wedding, these wellness practices are great to incorporate in your life asap.

Your Seven-Step Guide to Holistic Wedding Planning

Step 1: Protect Your Energy

Being engaged means nonstop wedding talk from the day of your proposal until the day of your wedding. While it’s SO exciting, it can also be draining after the twentieth time you have to explain details of the wedding that you’ve barely had time to explore yourself! During your engagement, it’s absolutely key to protect your energy from unwanted opinions and exhaustion! While you won’t be able to stop people from giving their opinions, you can control how you react and handle these situations.

Tips for protecting your energy:

  • Designate time each day for yourself (without your cell phone) to unwind, reflect, and take a break from thinking about the wedding.

Maybe it’s a yoga break, or tea with a friend you can count on to not ask a million wedding questions - whatever it is, make sure you have this wind down period every day!

  • If you are planning your wedding with your family’s involvement, set a designated time to have wedding conversations.

For example, make every Sunday from 4-7pm be wedding planning time (or whatever date and time work for you). Otherwise, you may find yourself thinking and talking about the wedding right before an important meeting or event, and it may totally throw you off!

  • Enter each conversation with peace and a mantra.

Use a mantra to avoid the challenges that planning a beautiful wedding can encounter. If there are disagreements with family members of certain aspects of the wedding, it is easy to enter the conversation from a state of defense. Try to think of the end outcome you want to achieve (i.e. coming to an agreement) and let that drive your mindset.

guide 2.jpg

Step 2: Build Rituals
Building rituals throughout your day is a great way to cultivate energy, provide self-care, build habits, and feel in control of your life choices. There are many opportunities during the day to build rituals, but for those just starting, we recommend experimenting with different rituals to begin and end your day.

Tips for building your rituals

  • Make it manageable.

Take into account your existing routines and obligations, then build your ritual around those commitments. If you usually have to be in the office on the early side, it could be worth exploring mid-day/evening rituals to get as much sleep as possible!

  • Try one new thing at a time

Go easy on yourself, and don't try to add a whole bunch of elements at once. Add one step at a time, and offer yourself patience .

  • Treat yourself!

Building new habits takes time, and it's important to celebrate the little wins along the way! If you're aiming to start each day with a healthy breakfast, buy yourself a yummy drink after five successful mornings.

Ritual Inspiration

  • Incorporate daily meditations to start your day

  • Find a skincare routine that makes your bathroom feel like a spa, and take the time every morning to appreciate getting ready.

  • Drink warm water to begin each day, prepping your digestive system for the day ahead.

  • Build a getting ready playlist filled with positive songs to get pumped up for the day.

  • Take a 5-10 minute walk around your neighborhood, or to your first morning obligation, connecting with your surroundings.

Step 3: Stretch for Confidence

Confidence is extra important for brides-to-be because:

  1. You are making huge decisions about your wedding (and potentially going up against the status quo), which means you need to stand up for yourself and believe in your ideas.

  2. You will be the center of attention (eek!) and need to own it.

  3. Your posture benefits your health, and also your wedding photos!

ww guide 3.png

Use the following poses to build confidence:

Claim Energy. (V Arms above your head)

Why? This power pose automatically brings more confidence and energy rushing through our bodies.

How? Stand up straight and bring your arms in a V shape above your arms - hold for at least 10 seconds.

Find Balance. (Tree with Back Arch)

Why? This pose has us standing tall, balancing, and opening our heart.

How? Stand tall with soft knees, bend left knee and open from hip out to the left. Keep the hip open and place your left foot inside right thigh or shin. Interlace your hands behind the sacrum and use each inhale to lift chest a bit higher and each exhale to lengthen through tail bone and lean back a little bit. Repeat on the other side.

Build Strength. (Downward Dog)

Why? This pose gets us to open the shoulders and stretch open the spine to help improve our posture.

How? From table top position, tuck your toes, straighten your legs and lift your hips toward the ceiling. Spread your fingers and keep your spine

Step 5: Practice Daily Meditation

Planning your wedding means you are setting up for one of the most important days of your life! While the event itself is rooted in love, the buildup beforehand can mean lots of errands, purchases, and stress! However, there are tons of things in your control that you can do to ease the stress surrounding your big day, and my personal favorite is cultivating a meditation practice. Mastering the art of personal meditation allows you to turn anywhere (the car,wedding dress fitting, your office, etc.) into a relaxing environment. But like any art form, it takes some creativity, practice, and an open mind.

Tips for starting a meditation practice

  • Make it a part of your daily ritual. Start your morning with a five- minute visualization of the day ahead, or use it to help get wind down before bed.

  • Set an intention for your meditation practice. Find phrases that manifest that intention (i.e. positive phrases if your intention is to feel happy) and repeat those phrases as you meditate. Have all visualization be set in a future state. To overcome wedding stress, give yourself a mental walk through of the big day, with everything going smoothly.

  • Set a timer! We love to set mini goals for how long we want to meditate, but keeping track of time often pulls us out of our zen moment. This is also a great way to build up to meditating for longer periods of time.

  • Leave yourself a reminder. Often times, busy days are the ones we forget to meditate, and those are the days we need it the most! Offer yourself patience while getting started. Meditation is hard! It’s easy to let your mind wander, get bored, or feel like time is crawling by. When you feel your mind start to stray just refocus on your intention and breathe.

Step 6: Focus on inner beauty


We often times associate our beauty with superficial aspects, such as our makeup, hair, and what we wear. Focusing on these elements alone can create unneeded pressure to look flawless. While getting bridal ready can be fun and glamorous, the process often overshadows where real beauty is developed; within (duh!). Develop your beauty from the inside out prior to your wedding day with some simple, yet highly effective techniques.

Our favorite ways to focus on inner beauty

  • Start your morning with hot water and lemon. This combo helps detox your body (aka get rid of waste) which allows our body to digest better and release toxins out of body that get in the way of making us glow.

  • Make skincare something to look forward too. Find a skincare routine that works for you! Olivia loves Korean skincare, and Lilia follows traditional Ayurveda skincare practices. Build self-love towards yourself with no makeup on! Find things you love about your look totally make-up free, and if you can't completely detach from makeup, find natural products to subtly enhance your natural beauty. BB cream and cheek/lip tints are a great way to add some glow to your everyday look.

  • Avoid dieting at all costs. Dieting is ineffective for our bodies. As soon as you stop, the weight comes back on (known as yo-yo dieting). Dieting is also awful for our self-esteem and mindset since you’re focused on a number, rather than your overall health. Dieting pre-wedding can cause fatigue and dehydration.. Choose a healthy and nutritional diet that works for your body, keeps you nourished, and helps you be energized! Trust us, you’ll need all the energy you can get

Step 7: Keep your perspective


While wedding planning, it’s easy to think your wedding is the only thing that matters in your life. Every detail may seem like it’s life changing (what color bridesmaid dresses to choose, what veil to wear, what gifts to add to your registry)! It’s your big day and it should be celebrated. But while doing so, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, like the fact you're marrying your best friend, or what's going on in the world around you. We are all little pieces of stardust in a huge galaxy, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep sight of your love that’s in front of you and practice gratitude to keep you grounded.

Thanks for reading loves! We wish you all the best on your journey to your special day. For additional planning support, or help on booking a wellness session, schedule a call with our wellness concierge here!

The Experience: New Home Blessing for Newlyweds


The Experience: New Home Blessing with wedwell’s modern day shaman, Elli

The Location: My apartment in Seattle, WA

The Set Up: I cleaned my apartment beforehand, had lit some candles, and made sure to clear all the clutter. Then Elli came over and brought her sound bowls, palo santo, and energy :)

The Takeaway: Super unique experience to set intention and clear any energy in your home

Elli with the drum in my living room.

Elli with the drum in my living room.

My husband and I recently got married, and we just moved into our first newlywed apartment one month ago! I wanted this new transition of moving cities (from Brooklyn to Seattle) to feel special, welcoming, and intentional. As I’ve always been a believer in energy healing, having personally felt the beautiful effect of awareness on energy, I thought this would be the perfect experience as we move into our apartment (and I was not wrong!).

Elli entered the home and then we spent the next hour together clearing the space. She had used sound healing, mantras, and chanting to clear energy - and if all of this sounds too metaphysical for you, Elli will explain all of what she’s doing and why in the session, so need to worry! While she went around the home smudging the rooms and corners, I sat meditating and worked to be present in the experience. Luckily, she said our home felt quite clear (which I believe to be true since not many people have occupied my apartment before me!).

If you are looking to make more space in your home or want to gift newlyweds with a unique experience, I can attest that this one is quite magical and much more interesting than another set of moscow mule mugs ;)

Today, we get to hear from Elli herself on the importance of this experience, and everything else you need to know.


Q: Why would you recommend someone to do home clearing and blessing?

This is a beautiful opportunity to honor your home as a sacred space and intentionally address the energy of the space. There may be stagnant energy or even entities from previous owners, tenants or the land. Also, there is energy from your own thought forms, negative emotions or stress etc. that you’ve brought in or experienced in the space, that can be cleared. Once the energy is cleared, blessing the space with intentions and prayers of love, alignment, harmony, health, prosperity, happiness and anything you desire, will powerfully energize the space. 

Q: How did you first get into energy healing?

Through my own healing journey of multiple traumatic brain injuries. 

Q: What would you tell someone interested in trying it?

If you are curious, or your guidance is giving you a “yes” to do a house blessing, or you are sensing that something could be cleared or you just want to improve the energy of the space, then go for it! 

Q: Is there anything that would be good to know before trying something like this? 

Setting sacred space, intention, and prayer are very potent practices to shift energy. As are the clearing techniques using herbs or wood to smudge and sound - using crystal bowls, drum or rattle to shift the frequency.  There are also practices and techniques you can use to up-keep your space energetically, that you can learn during your session. 

To learn more, schedule a 15 minute consultation call with our wellness concierge by emailing

Holiday Gift Guide for the Bride-to-Be

The ultimate gift guide for the bride-to-be this holiday season! We are making it easy for you to shop for your bff (or yourself!) by picking our favorite products of the season that are ALL female-owned, so know that when you buy off this list, you are helping women businesses all over the <3

Hair Cap for the Bride who loves a good hair day

Sold for $52 found at All Caps hair.

This hair cap allows you to keep your blow out in perfect condition days on end. Definitely necessary for the wedding related festivities to come!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.40.38 PM.png

Rose Serum for the Bride who loves natural beauty

Sold for $38 found at Apoterra Skincare.

We love us some natural skincare - and love it even more when it’s so beautiful (and smells amazing). Keep your skin health and happy with the Rose serum.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.55.52 PM.png

Lingerie Set for the Bride who loves detail

Cami sold for $138 at Loulette Lingerie.

This handmade lace set is absolutely breath-taking. Brides often get bombarded with cheesy, old fashioned lingerie, which we are SO over. This set is for the ultimate cool bride.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.43.05 PM.png

11:11 Candle for the Bride that loves spirit numbers

Sold for $46 at Sunday Forever.

You can really never go wrong with gifting candles - and this one is perfect for the superstitious bride who loves her a good angel number coincidence. Feel the spirit around you all the time with this candle!

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.43.30 PM.png

Ayurvedic Chocolate for the Bride who has a sweet tooth

Sold for $36 at Element Truffles.

Wellness inspired chocolate, yes please! Plus, the packaging on these chocolates are so beautiful it’s hard to pass up.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.43.38 PM.png

Stackable rings for the Bride who appreciates hand-made

Sold for $40 at Mojave Moon Jewelry.

These rings can be gifted for him, her, or the couple. Affordable, hand-made, rings in the desert. Definitely more creative than a little blue box, if you ask me.

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 7.44.29 PM.png

Enjoy your holiday shopping! We love the holidays, but we love sharing experiences and memories more. Share your love with us on social media @wed.well - and we can’t wait to see what you get!

wedwell q&a with energy reader, Becky

Ever wondered the ins and outs of an intuitive’s lives? They always appear so mysterious and mystical - and we’re here to shed light on the fascinating lives of our healers. This week we are introducing Becky, an intuitive energy healer who teaches people how to empower themselves so that they can connect to the infinite intelligence within. Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 1.50.10 PM.png

What services do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service? I am an intuitive energy healer, which means I combine Cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki and massage with intuitive information that I get from the body to help the client move through energetic and emotional blocks. I also give tarot and astrology readings, and I am a teacher. I love to guide and empower people to find their way to healing and health. 

How did you get into wellness? I have been on a personal journey of healing since I was in art school where I started looking at myself and my interactions with others. I then went to massage school where I went deep into health and wellness. I am endlessly curious about life and how we as humans can live our fullest lives. So all that I learn and study turns into tools for health and wellness for me and others. 

What is your favorite routine? I love to walk around Greenlake (in Seattle). It quickly connects me back with nature and it helps to ground and clear my energy. I am always amazed that a place in the center of Seattle can be so powerful.

What is your go-to song to help you feel happy?
I am really into Trevor Hall these days. My favorite song right now is ‘Moon/Sun’. I love that it brings in astrology. love and the interconnectedness of all life. Plus, he is amazing to see in person.

What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?
When life is coming at me fast and furious I frequently say to myself, ‘Just keep swimming’ from Finding Nemo. It is simple and sweet and to the point.

Do you have one person that has inspired your wellness journey?
My teacher Marie Manuchehri has been the person who has inspired me the most. She is an Energy Medicine Practitioner who has high integrity. She is direct and clear and she helped guide me to trust my intuition and open my senses to the worlds beyond the physical.

What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?
You deserve to see the truth of who you are, to live with ease and understand that with a simple shift in energy, you have the power to reconnect to your higher purpose.

Thanks for reading! You can book a wedwell session with Becky here.

wedwell q&a with health coach Salima

Happy Monday! This week it is our pleasure to introduce Salima, one of wedwell’s amazing health coaches. Salima came to the wellness industry after leaving the corporate world (where she also got her MBA!), so she fully understands the importance of feeling good inside and out, especially at work. Upon leaving her 9-5, Salima received her holistic nutrition certification at Bauman College, and offers a range of services- helping you with everything from a fully customized health coaching, to building your grocery lists! Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.

1. What service do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service?

I am a certified nutrition coach and I offer health coaching and meal planning services. I work with my clients to help them put a plan in place to help them reach their health goals whether it is eliminating stress, managing chronic illness, weight loss, or just improving general well-being. So much of my work is listening and questioning habits my clients have created for themselves. I love when I can ask the right question that makes my client have an "AHA" moment about a behavior that does not serve them, and they are able to then work to shift and grow from that moment.

2. How did you get into wellness?

I first got excited about nutrition and food as a kid. I grew up in a pretty health-conscious household where my mom never had fun foods like Dunkaroos or Lunchables, but it instilled in us an appreciation of good, whole foods. I was always in the kitchen with her and my grandmother, watching and learning how to make family meals. Food is a love language and the act of eating together, celebrating delicious food, is so powerful! Going to college, I had "food freedom" for the first time, and I struggled between eating too much, too little, and losing sight of what it was to eat foods that made me feel my best. My lifestyle and eating habits changed yet again after school. I traveled for work every week, and I did not make my health or mental health my priority. Something had to give, I had to reconnect with my body, my mind, and my self-worth, so I left my corporate job, moved to LA, and worked to heal myself. I re-discovered my passion for food and physical movement, and realized how connected body and mind are. Wellness is a constantly evolving journey, one that ebbs and flows with different phases in your life, and I am committed to helping my clients navigate their own paths!

3. What is your favorite routine? This could be daily, weekly, or monthly- just something you do on a regular basis that brings you joy!

Coffee shop work. I do most of my work from home, so going to a coffee shop gives me a daily dose of more than caffeine! I love the atmosphere, the chatter, and the clink of cups filling with coffee. I find I am so much more productive at a cafe than at home!

4. What is your go-to song to help you feel happy? Why did you pick this song?

My song of the moment is "Saturday Sun" by Vance Joy. It always puts a smile on my face because it is my husband and my first dance song!

5. What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?

It is actually something my sister said once to me: "reframe your thinking, you can be your own worst enemy". I can literally hear her saying this when I am feeling down. I have to work to reframe a challenge I am facing into an opportunity. I try and wake up with positivity and gratitude every day, and treat the world as my oyster, and this helps me get motivated and excited for the day to come!

6. What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?

Investing in yourself is so important, and I congratulate you for taking the first step! Have patience with yourself. Changing a habit or ingrained behavior is not easy, but this is the first step to reshaping your lifestyle for the better!

Thanks for tuning in! You can find Salima on wedwell here.


wedwell q&a with relationship therapist, Risha

wedwell loves, we are SO excited to introduce a new series on our blog where you get to meet our practitioners and learn the ins & outs of these lives of wellness professionals! Today, meet Risha, a licensed therapist who combines her knowledge as a certified health coach and psychotherapy to awaken her clients to their barriers to happiness in life, and great love and harmony in all of their relationships. Risha is a therapist we have the pleasure of featuring on wedwell, and we love her holistic way of working with individuals and couples. Book a session with her today, and learn more about her offerings and wellness routines below.



1. What service do you offer? What is your favorite part of this service?

Therapy + coaching. Relationship and communication support in all areas! A more holistic approach to healing wounds and growing. My favorite part is being able to watch people grow and change and feel some relief from stress. So many people feel so alone in their struggle and giving them even just a few moments of not feeling alone is pretty amazing. 

2. How did you get into wellness?

I was born at home, and my mom was pretty alternative for that time. She didn't give us fluoride and things like sugar and junk food were seriously limited. I became interested in women's health in college and really started looking at diet and lifestyle and the impact of chemicals on our bodies, etc. After grad school and becoming a therapist, I went through IIN and another nutrition program and started to look at therapy as something that should be much more holistic as well. 

3. What is your favorite routine? This could be daily, weekly, or monthly- just something you do on a regular basis that brings you joy!

This is such a small thing, but I really love different types of face masks! They make me feel like I'm getting a little facial/wellness treatment in my own home. I also just love to go to the farmer's markets on the weekends. It reminds me of my small-town upbringing and makes me feel safe and alive. 

4. What is your go-to song to help you feel happy? Why did you pick this song?

This is tough...I love music, so it's hard to choose one! It probably changes all the time. But 80's or early 90's upbeat, emotional songs that I know all the words to. I picked it because I know all the words and can sing and dance to them! 

5. What is your favorite quote to live by? How do you incorporate this quote in your daily life?

There are so many amazing quotes out there, but here's one that I recently wrote that resonates with me every day: "I'm not trying to 'find' myself. I'm trying to get comfortable enough to let myself out." The applies to me, and to all my clients. Always. I believe that everyone knows their authentic self, but struggle to feel safe exposing it. 

6. Do you have one person that has inspired your wellness journey? This could be someone you know personally, or someone you have followed.

Marie Forleo. She's in the business world, but seems very aligned with the wellness world. I find her to be very authentic and sincere, humble and real. I don't know her personally, but I always connect with her messages. 

7. What advice do you have for anyone about to try your service for the first time?

Be open. Be honest. Be clear. My goal is always to be supportive and to create a safe and non-judgmental space for growth. The more open a person can be, the more they'll grow. Let's try to figure out all out together! 

Thanks for tuning in! You can find Risha on wedwell here.

Welcome October: New Month Rituals

Welcome October: New Month Rituals

One of my favorite things about the start of a new month (even better when it's combined with the start of a new season) is the chance to establish your intentions for the month and determine how you want to greet the upcoming days.

 At the start of every month I follow the same rituals. I invite you to try these rituals, and send me any other things you love to do to welcome a new phase!


Make a monthly playlist.

This is one of my all-time favorite things to do! Starting on the first day of the month I make a new playlist titled the month (super creative- I know), and start adding songs. I then continue to add songs throughout the month, and definitely listen to this playlist everyday. Music is one of my favorite ways to  express myself, and finding songs I connect with helps me work through different emotions in my life. Going back through old month playlists also helps me reflect on how I've felt in different times throughout the past year, and lets me reconnect with old song favorites!

Clean, prep, and organize.

September brought lots of travel, plans, and transitions. While this was an extremely fun month, I woke up this morning excited to settle in to my apartment and take a few days to ground at home. To welcome October I plan to sort through fall clothes and put away any summer outfits still out and about, reorganize my pantry, and prep to make all sorts of cozy fall goodies! So much energy is lost when we need to spend time sorting through clutter, and by welcoming each month with a fresh start you are giving yourself the chance to reclaim some much needed head space.

Set Monthly Intentions

Intention setting is one of my most favorite things to do. So often I feel overwhelmed with how quickly time passes, and I've found that intentions (much like my playlists) are a great way for me to express how I'm feeling each month, and where I want to put my energy. While my intentions differ from month to month, I try to always tap into the following themes:

  • Any changes I can make to more authentically show up in my relationships (i.e. listen more, or always see the best in someone's actions).

  • One thing I can do to live a healthier life (i.e. practice more lagree, or meditate daily)

  • New creative endeavors I want to explore (i.e. attend a dance class, or try photography)

 How do you like to greet each month? I'm always looking for new ways to connect with the present moment, and would love to hear your favorite rituals for welcoming change!